Survey Of Residents And Cnas

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Task 2: Surveys to Residents and CNAs
After collecting the surveys I distributed, I found very vital data. I surveyed all competent residents and all employed CNAs. The surveys asked questions based on the quality of care provided and the stress levels from this issue. Many of the residents commented that they would like CNAs to stop in and visit. Some of the CNAs said they could complete all the tasks if a third CNA was on duty.

I created the survey through SurveyMonkey and handed them out personally to each resident and CNA. The survey provided very conclusive results and made it easy to get an understanding of what the people involved in the problem thought.

The survey issued to the residents had 25 individual responses. When residents were asked if the quality of care was inconsistent, 28% said yes, 48% said sometimes, and 24% said no, as shown in Figure 1. When asked if they were stress out or upset with the inconsistent care 4 of the resident said no, 9 of the residents said sometimes, and 12 of the residents said no. When the residents were asked from their experience if employees were leaving this organization frequently, 80% said yes and 20% said no, as shown in Figure 2. A fourth of the residents say they get the emotional care they need. Blank-Blank percent say that CNAs spend the time with them that they need while blank-blank percent say the care they receive is rushed. About 60% of the residents said that care providers seemed stressed and always on their
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