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  • Poem Essay

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    Roy the Hero. Enemies left: 475 Allies left: 13 If I could roll my eyes further to the back of my head I could. *BRATATATAT* *Dingdingding* Oh that is going to get annoying. Wobbling down the shot up wooden stairs, nursing my favourite tankard, right into the crosshairs of a dozen swat looking soldiers, I cast a simple air slash before they can riddle me with enough holes to become swiss bloody cheese. *Dingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingding* Honestly the bullets might be less

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Framing

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    framing comes from its ability to define the terms of a debate without the audience realizing it is taking place.” (Tankard, 2001, p. 96) Using frames has the risk of finding only the frames I am unconsciously looking for. I might tend to find conventional or stereotypical ways of looking at the content. I try to avoid that by always reflect on my work and try to find different ways to look at it. Three kinds of framing exist. First, a frame can be used to select and exclude parts. Second, frames

  • Iot1310 Unit 3 Assignment 1

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    security risks will lead to more efficient and safer to use IoT devices but companies will have to identify them in their devices first (Tankard, 2015). Figure

  • Notes On Theodor Rombouts Made Lute Player

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    accession number is Cat. 679. The lute player and his lute are placed at the center of the canvas. At the bottom, there is a table covered with a red carpet that is decorated with some oriental patterns. On his table, there are books, pipe, knife, and tankard distrusted from the middle to the right side. Overall, Theodor chooses a close-up angle of a sitting lute player with detailed presentations in this painting. The background consists of different shades of brown, while the brightest shades surround

  • Three Different Tribes, And Cultures In Early Africa

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    This essay introduces the reader to some of the different tribes, and cultures that resided in early Africa. Three of the tribes that are explored in this paper are the Bantu, the Twa, and the Khoisan. Two different cultures are also discussed in this paper. Them being the Nok, and the Kushite’s. The first tribe that is discussed is the Bantu tribe. The Bantu tribe originated around Nigeria. Because they were nomadic people the eventually migrated to Uganda. The Bantu people were polytheistic. The

  • Perceval: A Fictional Narrative

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    The men left Perceval’s chamber and in the fading evening light, they strolled down the steep castle path toward the Cup and Sword. “I hope you brought plenty of coins,” said Gawain, “because I am ravenous.” Perceval smirked. “Somehow, you’re always ravenous when I pay. And come to think if it, I pay a lot.” “I’m a good investment. You need, me man.” Perceval caught Gawain in a headlock just outside the tavern door. “Too hard, too hard,” choked out Gawain before Perceval released the man’s head

  • The And New Zealand Media Essay

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    This essay will demonstrate how both American and New Zealand media outlets shape and filter all their stories and decide what people see and think about, and how to think about certain stories; also known as ‘Agenda Setting’. New Zealand and America interpret news completely differently, what is important in America may have zero relevance to New Zealand media and vis versa. Agenda-setting is more obvious in the New York times, they report on specific events to endorse and highlight events or

  • Idele: A Fictional Narrative

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    know she was married?" Percival took several gulps of ale. "I had no idea. I wouldn't have touched her if I had known she had a husband. Clearly, she was bored and I was her plaything. She lied. She never cared about me at all." He toyed with his tankard. "I didn't love her, but I cared. And there's more." "Something worse?" "I avoided her since then, and thanks to the size of the castle, that wasn't so hard. Just when I felt like I was getting over the mess, I saw her a few days ago. She's with

  • Drea's Sacrifice: A Narrative Fiction

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    Drea, seated across from Joan at the Cup and Sword Tavern, grinned at her friend. Drea was thrilled to learn of Joan’s pregnancy and grateful for her friendship. It had been a lonely few years, raising Wallace without a father, but Drea’s new relationships with Alis, Carina, and Joan had drawn her out of isolation. This was the first time in years Drea had gone out for an evening meal with a friend, though she experienced a dull pang of guilt for leaving Wallace with the neighbor. “You’re thinking

  • An Annotation of Emily Dickinson's I Taste A Liquor Never Brewed

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    a poem about sheer happiness. Dickinson is speaking not of a high derived from any alcoholic beverage, but rather of one acquired from life itself. I taste a liquor never brewed (214) Emily Dickinson I taste a liquor never brewed-- From tankards scooped in Pearl-- Not all the Vats upon the Rhine Yield such an Alcohol! Inebriate of Air--am I--