The Wrong Guy

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  • The Night - Original Writing

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    at her sold white marble desk that towered over a small stiff office chair. "Sorry I 'm late, ma 'am." I smiled. It hurt my eye was swelled and emotions physically hurt at this point. "You look like shit." She said. "You should see the other guy." I chuckled a bit. Her eyes narrowed at me like daggers. "Why would I wanna see two pieces of shit?" "Right..."I

  • Personal Narrative On Thanksgiving

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    Thursday, November 26, 2015 my mom suggested that I invite some friends over. My mom just wanted to meet the guys that I was intending to go black friday shopping with later that evening I assumed. Thanksgiving morning, I had asked my friends Ceejay ,Alex, and Collin to come over on Thanksgiving. They arrived and my mom had introduced herself to them and was joking around with them. “You guys are not troublemakers are you?” mom said jokingly. “No, mam we are going to try our best to stay safe when

  • Case Study Of Jessie's Rehabilitation

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    Jessie had successfully completed his rehabilitation at the Riverdale rehab center in Arizona. He decided to turn his life around and be better man, someone his 11 year old daughter Stacy could look up to. As soon as he got out he started looking for a new job. He applied to several jobs that morning and then drove to his former house where his wife, whom he is separated from, and his daughter live. His daughter refused to speak to him and ran to her room. His wife told him that he can no longer

  • Difference Between Good Guy And Bad Guy

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    Bad Guy vs Good Guy Hey Babes, so before I begin I want to thank you for taking part of Inside Life and helping me choose out this topic! I'm actually super excited to do this topic because I feel like sometimes us as woman or even men settle for what we think we deserve rather then what we actually deserve and that mainly has to do with what type of significant other you are associating yourself with! Sometimes we as woman or men tend to not know the difference between a bad guy and a good guy

  • Homeless People: Revealing The Bike Thief

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    sexist, stero typing, and racist. When the white guy actor was trying to steal the bike nobody stopped him. They asked if it was his and he said no, but they still didn't stop him. When the black guy actor was trying to steal the bike somebody stopped him in the first minute. When the first person yelled at him to stop a lot of other people rushed over. When the young white girl actor was stealing the bike nobody stopped her in fact mostly all of them (guys) helped her steal the bike. I think this was

  • Fahrenheit 451 Social Media Analysis

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    clothing, many of the young girls will take up the same look. In Fahrenheit 451, the same rules apply to society. Books are illegal and anyone found with a book on his property would be not only jailed, but his house would be sent up in flames. Guy Montag is a firefighter in this futuristic society. His job is to burn the houses of people who were found with books. Montag sees what is happening in society; the citizens have conformed to be what the government deems the safest. Ray Bradbury

  • A Letter To Ponyboy

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    Hey there Ponyboy, and Johnny, the things you guys did was AWESOME, but there’s a few things you did wrong, like stabbing a Social, ran away from the cop, but hey look at the bright side. You guys recused people from the burning church, and got each other back like it was family, but the things you did wrong was to run away from the cops, and your family. As a result people get killed, leaving everyone else behind, and as a result it’s pretty wrong to leave your family without saying goodbye, or

  • Guy Montag Character Development Essay

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    In this novel, the protagonist, Guy Montag, makes a living in a futuristic world by burning books and their owners houses since it is illegal to own books. Eventually his eyes are opened and he begins to steal the books he is supposed to burn from the owners' houses, and starts protecting them. Guy Montag is developed through the usage of minor characters such as Clarisse, the old lady, and Granger. First of all, Clarisse has a major impact on the development of Guy Montag. Clarisse is a young high

  • The Characters Of Men In Fahrenheit 451, By Ray Bradbury

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    Fahrenheit 451, this was the cruel reality. The main character, Guy Montag, was one of these dreaded firemen, and most people feared him. At first Guy was ruthless, burning books and houses was fun for him, but throughout the book he began to change. With influence from others, Guy changed in many ways. These changes included questioning orders, taking an interest in books, and taking action against the government. In the beginning, Guy Montag was just another fireman; he burned books, houses, and

  • Waycross-Personal Narrative

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    top schools in Waycross. I was 3rd in my class, and I had all A's and B's. These guys that were big and muscular wanted to know how I got all A's on all of my test and assignments that were given to me. Never ever would I tell them what I did. The next day came pretty fast and it was going good till those same guys showed up at the same place,and at the same time. I still wouldn't tell them. Second of all, the guys that were asking and asking were in the same grade, and same classes as me to. When