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  • The Influence Of Grime And Trap Music On The Media And Carrying Out An Analysis On A Newspaper Article

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    Grime and trap music have slowly found their way to the top of mainstream popular music culture over the last decade. Grime is now one of Britain’s largest and well known musical styles as it is taking over from American Hip Hop and can be widely heard over radio stations such as “Capital 95.8fm” and “Kiss 100 Fm”. What Jazz was from the 1920s to 40’s or what R&B was between the 70’s to 80’s. Like most genres of music which have made mainstream popularity such as Rock n Roll, Grime too tends to

  • Dizzee Rascal Analysis Of Grime

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    It is from this thought process in which Dizzee Rascal aptly named his first album, Boy In Da Corner; eloquently incubating the feeling of claustrophobia simply within the title. Literature has already been published laying the foundations on the fact that Grime is a purely ethnographical form, this has always been the case since its emergence in the early 00’s and the aforementioned Boy In Da Corner release “depict[ing] a bleak world, devoid of aspiration: no one in their right minds would

  • A Short Story : My Grandparents

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    DAAAAA DA DA DA DA DAAAAAAAA DA DA. I still remember the feeling in my stomach as I watched the flashing chandelier rise to the ceiling right above my head.  To think that I did not want to be there in the first place. Boy had my mom proved me wrong. It had all started at my Grandparents 50th anniversary celebration… I sat in the corner observing my surroundings. A platter of food in the center of the square room. People gathered in small groups chatting waiting for dessert to come out. I am always

  • Leonardo da Vinci Essay

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    Who would have thought that a rural boy would become one of the greatest minds of history? This boy was born during the Italian Renaissance, a time of great rebirth and renewed interest in cultural arts (Leonardo artist page 3). His name was Leonardo da Vinci, and he was born in April 15, 1452 (Leonardo artist page 9). Many would call Leonardo “a jack of all trades; master of none,” yet possibly he was a master of all (Leonardo artist page 4). He had achieved many talents and countless accomplishments

  • I Love Children : A Life Of Poverty Or Wealth

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    themselves standing as human shields to protect people who are not their parents, families, neighbors, nor from their country, nor part of their faith. Da 'esh are people came to Ar Raqqa to sabotage, destroy and erase an extensive history of a country with an ancient civilization from thousands of years. Seldom recognized, is the number of those boys Da’esh turns them into executioners, thugs, criminals and murderers, and in the case of their disobedience, their fate will result in receiving torture

  • Fairy Tale Analysis

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    is a universal sentiment that transcends languages and cultures. There are thousands of folktales and fairy tales that are firmly rooted in individual cultures, yet the tale of Cinderella has been told through many centuries and throughout the far corners of the world. With thousands of versions of this classic tale in print worldwide, the tale is believed to have originated with the story of Rhodopis, a Greek slave girl who is married to an Egyptian King. The story of Rhodopis, which means rosy-cheeks

  • Analysis Of ' Flavio 's Home '

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    of Catacumba, a favela in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro. Also, this is where Gordon Parks met a particular boy, who would later become a symbol of poverty. In his memoir “Flavio’s Home”, Gordon Parks delineates a vivid picture of poverty through his faithful encounter of one of its denizen, Flavio, and his life in the favela. Parks’ portrayal of poverty begins as soon as he meets Flavio, a young boy who lives in the favela of Catacumba. When he first meets him, the author describes his appearance to

  • Analysis Of Do The Right Thing

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    affair with his secretary Angie, who is an Italian-American. The climax of the movie occurs when Flipper’s wife Drew, finds out about the affair and from then on society begins to reject Flipper and Angie because of social norms. Forcing them into a corner where they later learn that they were driven

  • The Ride Essay

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    was mentioned in the book that people questioned why Jeffrey would be allowed to roam around the neighborhood unsupervised throughout the day. A lower income neighborhood, where often times young adults and teenagers were seen gathering at street corners, the sort of places where petty crimes and mischievous behavior took place. The Curley’s felt scrutinized by some of the comments that were being passed around, thus leading to further victimizations of the family. It was mentioned that the Curley’s

  • My First Day Of My Birthday

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    a point when we participated in a stoplight race, which by the way was 100 percent safe, because we just wanted to see whose car had the fastest takeoff. Now that we were just an hour away from where we were going we stopped at a little corner store on the edge of Tuberville to gas up and buy some snacks since we were getting hungry. As I was walking towards the store with $30.00 in hand, I saw a little glare from the ground. Nearing the suspicious flash, I bent down and right beside the