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  • Communication Technology: The Impact of the Telegraph on Society

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    Over the course of the next two essays, we will address the factors which made the advent of the telegraph in 1876 such a deciding influence on the future prospects of the technology industry as well as the growth of communication itself. We will also observe examples of just a few of the logistical, financial and distributional processes that go into the publication of a magazine designed for controlled circulation. Essay #1

  • Thomas Edison Contributions

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    Where would we be today without Thomas Alva Edison? How would our life be different? Thomas Edison probably did more than any other man to influence the industrial civilization in the world we live in today. He developed many devices that greatly influenced life in the United States. Let us explore the life and contributions of Thomas Edison. Thomas Alva Edison was born February 11, 1847, in Milan, Ohio in a humble brick house that still stands today. Edison was pulled from public school at the age

  • The Standards Of Professional Nursing Practice

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    the nursing professional to function, legally, ethically and professionally in the healthcare organization. The Professional Performance Standard of leadership by the American Nurses Association 's Standards of Professional Nursing Practice (2010) states, “the nurse professional demonstrates leadership in the professional practice setting and the profession" (ANA, 2010). The definition of leadership in relation to the nursing profession is defined as; “Leadership refers to the ability to guide, motivate

  • Who Is Thomas Edison The Most Influential Person?

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    Thomas Edison Born in 1847, Thomas Alva Edison went from humble beginnings to becoming one of the greatest businessmen and inventors of all time. Many people know about Edison because of his astounding invention of the light bulb. It evolved the lifestyles of many humans living at the time by allowing there to be accessible light whenever needed. However, Edison not only created the light bulb, but ended up with over 1,000 patents for all of his inventions. As a child, he came from humble beginnings

  • Thomas Edison Biography

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    Thomas Edison I chose to research American inventor Thomas Alva Edison. Born on February 11, 1847 to middle-class parents in Milan, Ohio, Thomas Edison was labeled as a unique and remarkable individual with a curious passion for knowledge even as a child. Edison was taken out of school at age seven when his teacher had run out of patience with the child’s relentless questioning, constant need for attention, and what would now most likely be considered ADHD. His beloved mother, Nancy, began teaching

  • Biography of Thomas Edison

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    help us to pass our daily life. Edison is the man. He is one of the greatest inventors in the history. His creation had changed the world a long time ago. He was known to be one of the people with the most perseverance and patience. The light bulb we know today is one of his greatest and most influential inventions. Without his perseverance and patience, he won’t be as successful as the world knows him today. The light bulb he invented helps us see in the dark. Edison was born on February 11, 1847

  • Personal Goals : My Professional And Professional Goals In Nursing

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    Professional and Personal Goals I have always been goal oriented – both professionally and personally. My current professional goals include improving the identification and treatment of immune related adverse effects for patients receiving immunotherapy for the treatment of a variety of different cancers, the creation of a formal orientation and education program for clinical trials staff, the creation of a mentoring program for nursing staff, and obtaining my Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). Past

  • College Admissions Essay: My Life In New Jersey

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    I was raised in Edison township, New Jersey; a rural area formerly known as Raritan township. This was until the act of the New Jersey Legislature came into motion around the late 1800’s. The act altered the name from Raritan to Edison in honor of Thomas Edison; because his main laboratory was located at a park now called Menlo park. In 2006 Edison was ranked second on the top of “best places to live “magazine articles. I was fortunate enough that all five of my cousins lived within a 20-mile radius

  • Light Bulbs : The Invention That Changed The World

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    Light bulbs. In 1879, Thomas Alva Edison developed an incandescent light bulb that used platinum filaments, which was later replaced in 1880 with a carbonized bamboo to increase burn time. Before the invention of incandescent light bulbs, gas lighting was widely used and posed a severe threat to consumers. Majority lamps were not even used in homes because of the many deaths and injuries that were reported due to dangerous gasses found in the gas lamps. This prompted Edison to find a more affordable

  • John D. Rockefeller Vs. Thomas Edison

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    John D. Rockefeller Versus Thomas Edison In 1863, John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937) entered the oil business in Cleveland, Ohio and became one of the world’s wealthiest men by being the founder of the Standard Oil Company. Standard Oil was a major source of income in the late 1800’s, taking up a large percentage of the United States refineries. It eventually became the largest oil refinery in the world. But in 1911, U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the company was not legal due to violations of laws