towns and villages in Guatemala

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    Guatemala is a small country in central America, bordered by Honduras, Belize, El Salvador, and Mexico. Guatemala is best known for their indigenous Mayan culture and excavated ruins of the Mayan empire, nature, and their world class coffee. If you visit Guatemala, you’ll see that it is unique in many ways. History The history of Guatemala is divided into three distinct stages, the Mayan indigenous, Spanish colonial, and the modern republic. The Mayan indigenous period lasted from 300 AD to

  • Globalization

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    behind NAFTA came about. Globalization is a shifting of different contact, this is exemplified in the country of Guatemala. Prior to the infamous Dos Erres Massacre, Guatemala had an extensive history of violence in their country. After the

  • Essay about American Civil War and United Fruit Company

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    In, “Testimony: Death of a Guatemalan Village,” Victor Montejo describes events surrounding the military régimes occurring throughout Guatemala. The book itself is an eyewitness account detailing one instance of violence between the indigenous peoples village's "civil patrol" and the army. This occurrence leads to the execution and imprisonment of many villagers. Even though the book is mainly a testimony by one person, in which he discusses the personal conflicts and struggle between himself and

  • Panajachel Research Paper

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    Panajachel (most commonly referred to as ‘Pana’) is a town in the Southwestern Guatemalan Highlands with an estimated population of 15,000 people. It is a small town but with great tourist industries flooding its streets. The word “Panajachel” comes from the language of Kaqchikel, roughly translating to “Place of Matasanos”. This is named after the White Sapote fruit tree (casimiroa edulis), a tree native to Eastern Mexico and Central America. It is named after a man named Casimirio Gomez who fought

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    GUATEMALA      Guatemala’s culture is a unique product of Native American ways and a strong Spanish colonial heritage. About half of Guatemala’s population is mestizo (known in Guatemala as ladino), people of mixed European and indigenous ancestry. Ladino culture is dominant in urban areas, and is heavily influenced by European and North American trends. Unlike many Latin American countries, Guatemala still has a large indigenous population, the Maya, which has retained a

  • Reflection About Uniform

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    The uniform that I chose to write about is something that inspired me to be a better leader and role model it was a uniform I wore while I went on a mission’s trip to a poverty-stricken country, where it was essential in Guatemala. I worked hard through the process for the ability to wear that uniform. The trip was 1,800 dollars all together I raised the money by my family donating money and the rest was out of my pocket from working in the summer. The training that I had to go through to go on

  • Mission Trip To Samayac, Guatemala

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    In the city of Samayac, Guatemala was a small town where I traveled to last summer for a mission trip. Our intention was to teach kids about the bible, and the many aspects of it. My group visited many kids and adults in their villages local church, and played many games along with activities. While we were there it was a hot tropical day with a 90 degree temperature. It was something hard to deal with, but we still found a way to enjoy the time there. Around noon my group was supposed to do a church

  • The Colonization Of The United States

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    1867 British troops marched into areas in which the Maya had settled and destroyed villages in an attempt to drive them out. The Maya returned and in April 1870 Canul and his men occupied Corozal. An unsuccessful 1872 attack by the Maya on Orange Walk was the last serious attack on the British colony. In the 1880s and 1890s, Mopan and Kekchí Maya fled from forced labor in Guatemala and settled in several villages in southern British Honduras. Under the policy of indirect rule, a system of elected

  • Farming During The Industrial Revolution

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    animals in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, northern China, Africa, southern Mexico, Guatemala, and Peru profoundly altered the direction of humankind. As these new agricultural systems emerged, they allowed human populations to increase, as well as setting the stage for the creation of complex human societies far beyond what had developed in hunting and gathering times. Large farming

  • The Tattooed Soldier Analysis

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    movements between the lower class and the elites which has led to chaos. The novel itself follows the stories of a Guatemalan man and the events that have caused him to migrate to America to seek the opportunity that seemed to be out of his reach in Guatemala. The nation was undergoing constant wars between the government and the people seeking to gain economic and social help. The war was between the government and the Guerillos, the rebels, but innocent lives were caught in the middle and many had to