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  • Reflection Paper

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    preparation for the Toledo regional Mathcounts tournament held in February. When the day of the tournament finally arrived, the four-man, McCord varsity team, comprised of Frank Lee, Pravin Jayatissa, Krishna Saraiya, and me, woke up at an outrageously early time. The four of us met up in a common room found in the University of Toledo and sat around a circular table while consuming a few bagels topped with Philadelphia cream cheese which the tournament organizers had provided for us. We talked very

  • Jamestown Pest Analysis

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    send Belrose into a sudden death semi final with East Campbelltown this Sunday. East Campbelltown booked their semi final place after surviving a massive scare from Cabramatta before eventually being too good for the Two Blues 38-26 in the first Elimination Final at Campbelltown Stadium last Sunday. The Two Blues – who scraped into eighth spot in the last round of the regular season – came out breathing fire in taking it right up to the Eagles. Winger Jake Webb got Cabra off to the best possible start

  • Fridley High School Key Club

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    I have always enjoyed contributing to, and bettering my community. Most of my free time during high school has been taken up by Key Club and Robotics. What extra time I have is devoted to helping my friends complete their work to the best of their ability. I have been an active member of the Fridley High School Key Club for all four of my years in high school. Key Club is an international volunteer organization overseen by Kiwanis. Robotics has been my other passion for the past three years and i’m

  • Essay On Swartdogs Competition

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    The FIRST Iowa Regional Robotics Competition was held in the UNI Dome and McLeod Center just a few weeks ago, from March 23 through March 25. FIRST is all about combining science, technology and fun. High school students work in teams to design robots and complete complicated tasks under strict regulations in just six weeks. The competition offers a taste of real-world engineering as students are challenged to build a team and brand, enhance teamwork skills, raise funds, build and program a robot

  • My Favorite Game

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    go to semis, and we were all excited especially me since it was my second year playing soccer. We all got into the field and put on our gear. We finished putting on our gear and got on the field, there was 10 of us on the team since it was a 5v5 tournament. We were standing waiting for the ref to blow the whistle since the other team barely got on time. As soon as the team finished getting on the field, the ref blew the whistle and the game began. We started the

  • Essay about The Goal

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    :::The Goal::: I glare at the goal, while the goalkeeper focuses on the ball right on the tip of my shoe. I could hear the heavy breathing of everybody in the whole stadium. I swung my leg and kicked the ball as strong as I could. The crowd cheered, but I didn’t know what happened. “And the Wolves win with the points 3 to 2” the announcer well… announces. I couldn’t believe my ears, I stood there, frozen. My teammates come running to me, yet I was still frozen. I huge monster suddenly came out

  • Persuasive Speech About Esports

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    Do you know what eSports is? Many people in the world do not know what eSports is, but millions and millions of people each year are tuning in to watch professional video gamers compete for trophies and prizes. To put this into perspective, anyone can become a professional gamer and make a good living off of it. Although, you must have good skill at the game and be prepared to practice long hours on a regular basis. I will inform you of what eSports is, the growth, and lastly the present and future

  • Renaissance Festival And Its Effect On American Culture

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    Life must have been irrational back in early Europe. Slap happy, drunken, and crazed people were all there was back then. The only rational people were the King and Queen, and any other royalty. A lot of stuff has changed since the medieval times in Europe, and the experience was extraordinary. At some point time I had learned about the medieval times and what the time period was like, but never really had the experience. What exactly is the Renaissance Festival? I found this to be a recurring thought

  • Blog 28 - Genii Continues Aggressive Expansion Strategy

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    Blog 28 – Genii continues aggressive expansion strategy Expansion is key to the world of online casino gaming. As company’s rub shoulder to should in order to get a step ahead, it seems the expansion remains key to growth. This year has seen many major names join forces for the greater good, but there is one company in particular that has an increased market share in their sights. Genii’s level of expansion has been truly phenomenal, with the level of growth actually taking many by surprise. After

  • Bantams: My Youth Hockey Career

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    team’s league that year and throughout the entire season one of my main goals was to beat that team. The regular season for the A1 team was a pretty successful season. We beat or tied a lot of really good teams. We even won a few tournaments. We were