The Ancient Lines That Withstand Time

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The Ancient Lines That Withstand Time The ancient civilization of Nazca is long disappeared and has granted one of the most significant legacies of ancient Peruvian culture. The Nazca has not only etched their mark into the surface of the Nazca Desert but they left a mark that continues to intrigue scientists and modern society in the present day. Actually, the Nazca left behind thousands of marks in the forms of various shapes, designs, mythological creatures, and a variety of intricate geometric lines. It is evident that the popularity of the Nazca Lines continues to gain momentum as the previous lines are studied and awed over as well as the new geoglyphs are still being discovered at this present time. Located in the dry Peruvian…show more content…
Indeed, the Nazca may have used simple tools to create their intricate designs nevertheless the thought process was anything but simple. The skillfulness that was put forth into these advanced geoglyphs can be seen in the form of two sets. The first group illustrates natural formations such as, animals, birds, lizard, monkey, spider, hummingbird, catfish, dog, whale, an astronaut man, as well as a mythical humanoid figure. (Nazca Lines Theories) Further images representing trees, flowers, and plants. The second group consists of the lines, mostly straight lines, triangles, simple spirals, rectangles, zigzags, geometrical figures and what looks like a series of mazes. With that being said, there has been many speculations behind the true motivations of these designs. Some ideas seem logical and others a bit unbelievable. Scientists carry on the theory that the purpose of the lines were used for mapping, calendars, ancient messages to be pasted on to new generations, as well as an alien spacecraft landing zone. Another theory according to the ancient alien theorist, author, and Switzerland born Erich von Daniken is that, “Thousands of years ago, extraterrestrials landed on Earth, where they were hailed as gods and helped shape human civilization.” (10 Things You Don 't Know About) This idea is also referred to as “cargo cult” a movement
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