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  • Sample Resume : My Time Management

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    I handle stressful situations in a very mature way. I do not let the situation stress me out, or make me give up. I try my best to find and exhaust every option there is possible in order to find a solution to the situation. I also try my best to be calm during the stressful situation. My time management skills are very good. If I have a big project I have to complete for one of my classes, I will make a list on which steps I should complete in chronological order. I set deadlines for myself on

  • Essay about Graduation Speech

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    In other activities, we have all made names for ourselves. Athletically, many have achieved incredible things. People have gone to state meets and tournaments, lettered in varsity sports and maybe even have been named team captain for a season or two. In our music and drama departments, students have excelled, securing coveted spots in our school's top bands, orchestras and choirs. Some have put their talents to work and gotten

  • Louie's Athletic Career

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    Louie’s athletic career definitely prepared him for what he would encounter in the war. Through his extensive training and unprecedented success, Louis gained a wide variety of traits and abilities that can be predicted to be essential for him as he faces the challenges of war. One obvious and major way that his athletic career prepared him for the war was by increasing his physical ability. In the novel, Louie is a long-distance runner in the 1936 Olympics, in which he placed eighth (Hillenbrand

  • Analysis Of Quarantine The Loners

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    Even though Lucy was apart of the pretty ones she is nice and kind hearted unlike the other girls of that group. Later on David forms a group of the loners and the place is not very nice it is a school dump in the downstairs area but later on the varsity group comes and attacks the building and they burned it down know the loners are all homeless and starving. Before the next food drop all the

  • Basketball And Baseball : Street Ball At The Park

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    “Thank you so much sir!” Damian exclaims. “First practice is in two days, be there.” Jarvis states firmly. “Ok thank you!” Damian hangs up the phone. First practice comes, Damian shows up to see all the varsity players that as a kid he looked up to and wished he could be. Practice starts, and is comparable to all the other kids, but is still better. As practices continue through the year Damian grows as a player. The first game comes around, and Damian

  • My Personal Experience In My Life

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    participated multiple sports such as cross country, nordic skiing, baseball, and track. As I grew older I naturally became more confident, disciplined, and outspoken but not as much as I would've like to have been. In junior high, I looked up to the varsity runners on the cross country team. It was a goal of mine to be on that team and to do well, I never thought it would actually happen. In my senior year it did, and we were great. We had a great season and even made it to state, but doing well wasn’t

  • My Experience In Sports

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    Have you been interested in sports? Have you ever had injuries that you had playing that sport? I have been an athlete since I was four years old. I have been in three different sports such as gymnastics, softball and volleyball. With the time and years I have spent with these three sports I have had two major injuries. Gymnastics was the very first sport I have ever done. I was a gymnast for eight years. I started when I was four years old and as I got older I started competitive gymnastics. On

  • Personal Essay : The Lessons From Pushing Yourself

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    The Lessons from Pushing Yourself Covered in sweat and feeling overwhelmed, I meandered out of the stuffy gym. Down the stairs and out the doors I went to find my cheer team. I had just finished practicing with Varsity even though I had, disappointingly, made the JV team earlier in the season. When Sydney had hurt her shoulder just two weeks before the homecoming assembly, my instructor had an offer for me to perform in place of Sydney. Esteemed and at the same time terrified I accepted

  • Descriptive Essay About Volleyball

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    how to process change and how to overcome a challenge.  Volleyball has played a key role in the current outcome of my life and has helped shape me into the person I am today. Sophomore year of my high school career I was determined to make junior varsity for my school’s volleyball team even though I was on the 9A team the previous year. The morning of tryouts I arrived outside of the activity center along with my sister. Walking in I saw everyone in their groups circled around each other contemplating

  • Personal Narrative: Varsity Experience

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    Varsity Experience Have you ever been so jacked for something that couldn’t sleep the night before it happened? That’s what happened to me the night before I played at the varsity tournament at Niagra. But first, let’s go back to the beginning of when this all started. My first time working with Coach Sandy was about March of 2016. She started up a clinic for the entire middle school, and only about seven girls showed up. I thought that was terrible at the time, but now I realize that all of the