West Virginia Power

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  • I Have An Urge Inside Me

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    for me and was like a father to me. One night Ethan didn’t come home. Three days later he was found in an alleyway. He had been mugged and died of a heart attack as a reaction to the mugging. My urge has grown since then. In the lab I was given powers, powers of the mind. My urge is to use them to help the world. I am scared though, what will

  • Lost And Found Of American History

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    Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620 was not the first permanent colony established by the English (Loewen 72). In May 1607, 105 men, plus the crew of the ships, came ashore on the banks of the James River in what is now known as the Commonwealth of Virginia to settle what was to be known as Jamestown (Dabney 1-5). These settlers came to the New World aboard the Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery (Dabney 1). In

  • The Economic, Military and Political Power of the Union Was Much Greater than the Confederacy

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    The economic, military, and political power of the Union was much greater than the Confederacy. Still, the war did go on for four years. The Confederacy demonstrated itself strong many times. Throughout the war the struggles continuously shifted, and because of that, so did the economic, military, and political strength of both sides. Although both sides saw accomplishments of military successes, at the end of the war, the bigger economy of the north, centralized government and overpowering manpower

  • Bridge Erosion

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    Expressway 35 Bridge interfacing Point Pleasant, West Virginia and Kanauga, Ohio all of a sudden gave way into the Ohio River. At the season of disappointment, thirty-seven vehicles were intersection the Bridge range, and thirty-one of those autos fell with the Bridge. Forty-six people died with the clasping of the Bridge and nine were truly harmed. Alongside the various fatalities and wounds, a noteworthy transportation course associating West Virginia and Ohio was demolished, upsetting the lives of

  • Analysis : I Chose School Instead Of Prison

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    I Chose School Instead of Prison For 10 years I struggled and slaved through dead end jobs to support my family. The hours I spent away from my family varied from 48-84 hours a week during that period of time, and I was tired of my kids growing up without me being there to witness it. So, I decided that a change was needed, and it was time to look for something else. When I came to that fork in the road I chose going back to college and furthering my education instead of putting my life on the line

  • Essay about How Justified Were President Lincoln’s Wartime Decisions?

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    How Justified Were President Lincoln’s Wartime Decisions? In a time of war, it is necessary for the President to enforce limits on the power of individuals. President Lincoln was entirely justified in limiting rights during the wartime situation to protect the nation. It was also necessary for him to increase the size of the federal army in order for the North to have any possibility of winning the war. Lincoln had to do all that he could to keep the Border States, each of which the Union could

  • The Appalachian Region Of New York

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    Introduction The Appalachian Region stretches from the northern part of New York, through Pennsylvanyia, all of West Virginia, the West side of Kentucky, Mississippi, and the southern parts of Maryland, S.Carolina, N. Carolina, and Alabama. The immigrants who settled in the Appalachian Region were made-up of three main ethinic backgrounds; Scot-Irish, English, and German. “Appalachian people are considered a separate culture, made up of many unique backgrounds—Native Americans, Irish, English and

  • West Virginia and Washington State

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    The Pacific Northwest combines the best of abundant natural beauty with cosmopolitan flair. From the peaks of the Cascade Mountains to the emerald lowlands of Puget Sound to Seattle's eclectic port-city charm, the state of Washington offers a vibrant mix of urban and rural settings. LoopNet puts the vast northwest within your reach. The easternmost portion of Washington houses Spokane, a city of a quarter of a million residents that's only a few minutes from the Idaho border. Spokane is close

  • Pocahontas County Market Analysis : Portrait

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    Pocahontas County Market Analysis Portrait of Pocahontas County Pocahontas County is a rural area located in the southeast region of West Virginia, spanning 942 square miles. The scenic area serves as the site of the head waters for eight rivers: Cherry River, Cranberry River, Elk River, Ganley River, Greenbriar River, Tygart Valley River, Williams River, and Shaver Fork of the Cheat River and consists of 10 scattered small towns. As with other rural communities across the United States, Pocahontas

  • Belle Boyd : Confederate Spy

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    Belle Boyd “Confederate Spy" Maria Isabella “Belle” Boyd was born May 9, 1844 in Martinsburg, Virginia (now West Virginia) to an affluent family with deep Southern roots. Boyd was a determined, sharp, high-spirited person. Boyd was the oldest of eight children and the daughter of a shopkeeper, Benjamin Boyd, who enlisted in the Second Virginia Infantry, as a part of the Stonewall Brigade, and Mary Rebecca Glenn Boyd who both came from socially prominent families and also owned several slaves. Although