Wilhelmina Slater

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  • Ugly The New Sexy, By Tanya Gonzalez

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    Although Betty and some other characters in the show are regarded as ugly by stereotypically beautiful women, they seldom question the beauty standards and often choose to accept the situation, which shows their internalized sexism. In the first three seasons Betty remains the same body figure and clothing style, which is considered “ugly” by her colleagues. Though being optimistic and confident about her life, she admits her ugliness. Betty’s childhood memories are mostly negative because her classmates

  • Sam Patch Summary

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    on the working class on America in the 1820’s. Sam Patch was a piece of one of the primary families that were making America's first material fabricate. He moved to Pawtucket with his mom, father and siblings when his family had been told by Samuel Slater of conceivable openings for work. Sam Patch started working in mule spinning which “required experience, along with a practiced mix of strength and a sensitive touch” (Johnson, 2003, pg.32). As Sam Patch was being formed by his work and workmates

  • Timeline of American Beauty Essay

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    almost always thin. In the early 1980’s, AIDS reared its ugly head. The general population believed that if a person was thin, he or she may have the virus. The media began looking for healthier women to use to sell products. In the 1980’s, the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency found Gia Carangi, the first supermodel. Gia sported a healthy, yet sexy appearance. Sadly, Gia needed to use drugs to deal with the pressures of maintaining perfection. Sadly, IV drug use led to her tragic death. On November 18

  • Why Are We Named?

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    Why are we named? The answer to this question is ridiculously simple. We are named simply for the sake of identifying a unique individual by a specific word. Every language carries with it sentence structure and vocabulary. Every possible thing, descriptive, or idea is named in a language. When I speak of a mouse, I do not have to specify- “a little thing with whiskers, eyes, and a tail…” That would be almighty confusing, describing a fair few rodents. Rather, people have developed one sound for

  • Harry Houdini : A Man Of Mystery And Class

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    attempts at escape acts. Houdini while performing in coney islands with his younger brother Theodore, also known as Dash, as “The Brothers Houdini” Houdini met a fellow performer named Wilhelmina Beatrice “Bess” Rahner. Houdini and Wilhelmina fell in love and married in 1894, Dash becoming part of the past, Wilhelmina took over Dash’s position in the acts where they became known as “The Houdinis”. In 1899, Houdini’s big break came when he met Martin Beck in St. Paul, Minnesota who was impressed by