Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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  • Anatomy of a Hipster Essay

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    Over time, social group labels tend to mutate from their original interpretation, due to societal evolution. The hipster is no exception, as it originally referred to 1940s Bebop Jazz enthusiasts. Hipsters has since become the term referencing pretentious rich kids, attempting to recreate a sense of underground-ness; whether it be music or style-related. However, hipsters of today differ from the former in the sense that their actions are fueled solely by effort, rather than sheer interest of being

  • Gentrification Theory Paper

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    of Williamsburg and the impact that gentrification has had on the neighborhood. There will be a specific focus on examining how this gentrification Triumph of the city Problem Description: Williamsburg has become one of the most popular areas in the New York City. In the last fiteen years, the neighborhood has transformed from a hub of industry and haven for immigrants to a neighborhood filled with young professionals and a thriving art scene. According to NYU’s Furman Center, Williamsburg and

  • The New York City As A Major Obstacle For Receiving Quality Health Care

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    Introduction New York City is composed of some of the world’s most unique and eccentric neighborhoods the world has ever seen. Amongst these neighborhoods, one can expect to find Bushwick (Community District 4) and Williamsburg (Community District 1), nestled in in the northern tip of Brooklyn borough. The earliest colonizers included the Dutch, French, Scandinavians, and English farmers. Today, however, the spectrum of racial distribution has changed drastically in which the top ethnic groups include

  • The Negative Effects Of Gentrification In Neighborhoods

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    Gentrification is the process of renovating and improving a neighborhood so that it can be more appealing to the middle-class taste and is negatively affecting many neighborhoods all over New York City. The gentrification of low-income neighborhoods can bring down a neighborhood and is responsible for the displacement of families who can’t afford to live in the gentrified area anymore due to the price of rent being dramatically increased. Landlords tend to raise rent to cast out low income renters

  • Graveyard Research Paper

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    and it somehow manages to retain its frightful aura. It can be found on Arthur Kill Road which is close to Rossville Avenue, 13 miles away from the ship terminal. 3. Old Atlantic Avenue Subway Tunnel The Atlantic Avenue subway tunnel, found in Brooklyn, has a legendary status. It was mentioned in the New York Times in 1893, relating it to tunnel pirates, and H.P. Lovecraft, in 1927, also used it in one of his

  • Brownsville Research Paper

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    Before the 1880s, the are of eastern Brooklyn that was to become Brownsville was known as New Lots. This territory was primarily farmland, but it was also the location of the city’s largest waste dump, as well as the site of several facilities that supplied stone and other building materials. In its early history, New Lots had a diverse population. English and Irish settlers, Jewish immigrants, and a small number of African-Americans farmed the land. Others were attracted to the area by the open

  • Colony Of Virginia Essay

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    The colony of Virginia was founded by a stock company: the Virginia Company. To attract people Virginia made a wonderful charter. Emigrants who paid their own way to Virginia got fifty acres of land. There would not be mere tenants. Civil authority would control the military. A council of burgesses, representatives chosen by the inhabitants of the colony for their government, would be convened as the House of Burgesses. The governor could veto their actions and the company still had overall control

  • The Most Uneven Great Poet By Tenney Nathanson

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    recognition Leaves of Grass eventually receives. “Leaves of Grass was probably more notorious for its sexual explicitness than admired for its poetic qualities” (Nathanson 400). Whitman initially incorporated the sexual theme into two articles for the Brooklyn paper. Whitman was forced to resign “because of the indignation of some of his readers” (Asselineau 107). This fueled his desire to teach the general population that sex is universal and should be embraced without fear and anxiety. “The body, he

  • South Central Brooklyn Serves Community Essay

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    South-Central Brooklyn serves Community Districts 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 17. It consist of a densely populated African American, Hispanic and West Indian neighborhoods. It is located within Kings County and it lies seven neighborhoods which are Flatbush, Borough Park, Ditmas Park, Midwood, Kensington, Manhattan Terrance, and Prospect Park South. According to the 2015 U.S census bureau, the population of Brooklyn stands at 2,504,700 out of which South-Central Brooklyn has approximately 804,982

  • The New York Has Everything Alternative Yank Cities

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    When you value more highly to board big apple, NY, you’re selecting plenty over an area to decision home. You’re selecting a way of life, outlined by a town swarming with prospects. Encompassing eight.4 million residents unfold throughout 5 boroughs, New York’s intersectant cultures and communities have established town as a worldwide destination for arts and culture, commerce and cooking, and everything in between. New York has everything alternative yank cities have, we tend to simply have it