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  • The On The Land Speed Record

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    Katie Adkins SSC Bloodhound - The race to 1000 'The land speed record is motorsport distilled to its most fundamental elements; Distance versus time. ' - Bloodhound SSC At the start, the battle was between methods of propulsion, electricity and steam first fought it out, closely followed by the internal combustion automobile engine, and then pushed aside by turbojets and rocket engines. The first big breakthrough came when race drivers; Henry Segrave, Malcolm Campbell, Parry Thomas and Kaye Don

  • Creative Writing- Fastest Land Craft on Earth Essay examples

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    Although it was not driven to its full potential, it was proven to be stable and safe to drive at top-notch speeds. In 1997, Myself and the team had been flown over to Nevada in the United States; this is where the real tests begin. A mixture of Gypsum and water marked the track with 2 even lines cutting through the desert. I, being a pilot, was very casual about

  • Ford Fusion

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    includes the miles per gallon. In the city you can go up to 23 in the city and 34 on the highway. According to Landers “Ford announced its attempt to use a fuel cell version of the Fusion, Ford Fusion Hydrogen 999, to set a land speed record on August 10–17 during Bonneville Speed Week in 2007.[63] The Fusion 999 project was born in early 2006 when Ford fuel cell engineering manager Mujeeb Ijaz approached Roush Racing about a project to demonstrate the performance potential of a fuel cell-powered vehicle

  • Body Injuries: A Short Story

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    In the streets of New York a Forensic Scientist named Barry Allen was examining a case where a bank was robbed and the security guards were killed. At the morgue there were no open body injuries but there insides were blended. All the security cameras got were a red flash. Barry’s family did not like the kind of work he was doing but they managed. His sister works for the newspaper and his father works as a police officer for NYPD. "How is this possible," said Barry. "What?" asked kaitlyn

  • Bloodhound SSC: Will Cars Be Fast Than Other Vehicles

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    is another way to increase power of engines. Compared to other fuels, hydrogen combustion is powerful. It can easily take off hundreds of tonnes and reach a speed of more than the sound (for examples, rocket use hydrogen combustion to take off) As the rockets use it, they reach a speed more than sound few minutes and just imagine what a speed cars will have by using hydrogen. Electric motors (electric engine) Electric motors are having a one interesting point, which can beat a fuelled engine (click

  • Why Did Camille Jatzy Break The Car

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    8,1913 in. Camille Jenatzy is the first person to make an electric car.Camille Jenatzy was a Belgian race car driver. He is known for breaking the land speed record three times and being the first man to break the 100 km/h barrier. He was nicknamed Le Diable Rouge after the colour of his beard.Camille Jenatzy was one of the first to break the land speed record.Camille was also known for racing. I personally like Camille because when I grow up I want to be a nascar driver. Camille is one of

  • Natural Hazards: A Report on Avalanche Activities

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    disasters like the avalanches, rock falls, mudslides as well as land slides. The upsurge of population in these regions to do sporting activities, and even the construction of second homes made it necessary to carry out this research as people with little or no experience of mountainous life took to the high areas and constructed camps there. Techniques in remote sensing and geoecology have been applied to the solution of practical land management problems at the county and township levels of local

  • Evolution Of A Hurricane Essay

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    Meteorologists witnessing this weather phenomenon were amazed at how this tropical storm developed rapidly into a hurricane that became record-breaking regarding wind speed in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Despite Hurricane Patricia’s potential to cause destruction, Mexico prepared in advance and the storm dramatically changed upon reaching land. Days before reaching land, residents along the western coast of

  • Tornado Research Paper

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    rotating wind that is followed by a funnel-shaped cloud of debris that moves in a narrow path over a body of land. Tornadoes are formed by warm, wet winds and cold, dry air meeting from opposite directions, also known as wind shear. then the air mixes together and starts forming a funnel of wind, pulling clouds with it. Eventually, the funnel-shaped cloud touches down onto a large piece of flat land (e.g. a plain). For example, in the United States, tornadoes form in the spring and summer time because

  • Taking a Look at Ski Jumping

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    jumping, was part of the Olympics since the first games in 1924. Ski jumping was born in 1860 when Norwegian Sondre Norheim, built the first measured jump and flew 30 metres. That record held for more than three decades. Ski jumping is a sport where skiers go down a ramp, jump, attempt to fly as far as possible, and land safely. Judges give points to skiers for proper technique and style, but those points do not add much to the total as the distance contributes to the majority of the scoring. Over