Women's studies

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  • Critiquing Women's Studies

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    outlined the need for Women’s Studies. Often feminism is construed poorly by the media and is resisted by many. The fact that so much resistance occurs creates a tough situation for women’s studies to thrive, especially along with the lack of strong feminist movement. There indeed lies a great importance in women and gender studies, since there still exists a lot of inequality in society. Personally, being a feminist, I have always held a notion of the importance of women’s studies in regards to understand

  • Women's Rights Presentation And Case Study

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    be seen in women’s rights presentation and case study of The UN and Natural Disasters presentation. UN’s efforts to address the women’s right issue which is relatively successful, but they have to do a lot more works in order to make it a better place for the women to live in. Women’s right issue is handled by UN women, which is the one of the program of ECOSOC. United Nation established the economic and social council as one of the main principle organ in 1945. According to

  • Women's Studies

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    "Why Women's Studies" Women's Studies has become a necessary and valuable educational tool because it brings women to the forefront of academics. Women that demonstrate knowledge, strength and empowerment. Role models that may have never been discovered without these studies. The massive amounts of feminist knowledge that has been left out of class rooms and communities is astonishing. Rather than rewrite the lesson plans of thousands of professors world wide, Women's and Gender Studies "creates

  • Reflective Reflection On Feminism

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    this reading stuck with me is because I was able to relate. I have always thought of myself as a feminist, however when others would hear that term they immediately would think of men-hating, topless angry women. There was no proper education on women’s studies in my school so most were not aware of what feminism really meant. This course has benefited me by educating me on the deeper meanings of being

  • Family Night Reflection

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    On Saturday October 28th, 2017 the St.Mary’s Syrian Orthodox Church of Washington D.C. hosted their yearly “Family Night” event. This event was created by the members of the church in order to spread awareness of the talent and overall culture of our community. Although there was a slight delay for the event, the performances throughout was very entertaining and informative. It ranged from dances, songs, to speeches and minor lectures about growing issues in our society today. It started off with

  • What Is Lust By Susan Minot

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    In the story “Lust”, Susan Minot writes about the indiscretion of a young high school female student. She provides the reader with short simple sentences that describe each of the indiscretions that the young lady endures through her time in school. Lust is having a strong sexual desire. The title gives the reader a sense of what will be discussed throughout the story. As the reader involves themselves into the story, it becomes clear that the title changes in its description as the narrator becomes

  • Women Of Color In Women's Studies

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    problem to address that some conflicts within classes about women of color in women’s studies arise as symbols of deeper problems within the field of women’s studies. The write offers a description of some of the tensions that arise in the Women of Color in the U.S. class, and attempts to contextualize such tensions, by pointing to the ways in which women of color have historically been marginalized within women’s studies and ostensibly included in more recent years through the development of classes

  • Women's Studies Class Analysis

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    There are many potential problems that may arise in a Women’s Studies class, however one that stood out to me from the course reader is one that I have witnessed in my own classes, and as such, I have chosen to speak on that. The problem is that a class is predominately comprised of white students, except for one native student who is quiet in general, but becomes visibly more shy when topics related to race are raised. One could go about attempting to solve this problem in many different ways

  • Women’S Studies Is The Study Of Women. Women Have Their

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    Women’s Studies is the study of women. Women have their own programs and degrees in order to secure and define the importance of equality and how women measure in the world. Man Studies is not heard of; it is not a degree many people rush to major in because it does not exist the way Women’s Studies do. Women have been normatively considered the submissive gender in comparison to men as the dominate gender. Gender Studies seeks to understand both social constructions of femininity and masculinity

  • Women's Relapse Case Study

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    The other side of this problem is a culture of suppression, the addiction problem among women. Women quickly learn to hide their drug habit as society considers excessive consumption of alcohol or other drugs does not fit in the category of feminists. A woman may think that if she recognizes her problem, her life will go downhill, friends and relatives turn away from her, and so she did not receive any support that is so badly needed. Moreover, the function of help to overcome problems including