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  • The World Nations And The Second World Countries

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    Historically, the terms First World Nations, Second World Nations and the Third World was premised on political ideology. The power struggles following the second World War saw the world being divided into blocs with the First World Nations being classed as the Western bloc, comprising most of the countries of North America, Western Europe, Australian and Japan. These nations functioned on capitalist ideology and many had benefited from colonial power and trade. The Second World Nations formed the Eastern

  • The World Of The New Country

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    named Oceania, this new country is expected to be built off the coast of Panama, 50 miles due east. Oceania will utilize ocean pontoon floating technology, similar to that used by the Saigon Floating Hotel, off the coast of Saigon, Vietnam, which was designed by Sten Sjostrand. This country will be devoted to the value of freedom, and will first exist as a sea city in the Caribbean. Mike Oliver and Eric Klein were the founders of the Alantis Project. They visualized a country where there would be no

  • Classifying Countries Of The Modern World

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    Classifying Countries of the Modern World The ocean is a vast pool with many different kinds of fish, no fish is exactly the same. You can say the same about the countries of the world, but the best way to put all these countries into groups is by judging whether they are developed or developing. Countries develop at their own pace and geographers use the stage of their development to categorize them. For example, take Japan and Ghana. Both countries are very different in almost every aspect of

  • Nutrition and Health in Third World Countries

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    Unsafe water supplies are often contaminated with infectious agents, toxic chemicals, and radiological hazards. In 2000, the World Health Organization and UNICEF identified some 2.4 billion people who did not have basic sanitation facilities, and 1.1 billion people without a safe drinking water supply. (Wagner, 2009) Some communities experienced diarrhea, caused by a variety

  • What Are The Importance Of Countries Around The World

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    change our perspective of the world. One such fact is the existence of countries which when put together can probably cover half of the area of some cities from the rest of the large countries around the globe. These countries, like most countries, have their own set of laws, governance, cultures and picturesque locales. 1. Vatican City. Spread across an area of 110 acres, the Vatican City is a country within the city of Rome. With a population of 1,000, the country is the smallest, not just in terms

  • The Debt Of The Third World Countries

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    it possible for the first world countries to forgive the debt of the third world countries? It is possible if the first world countries can afford to lose money and resources to help other countries. If the first world countries do not cancel the debt then the third world countries debt and loans is going to increase. It going to cause the value of the money currencies to drop and the cost of the debt is going to rise. The debt is also causing the third world countries to delay from increasing their

  • Globalization And Third World Countries

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    Since the start of globalization, some countries have become global powers and other have had little influence in global society. Once globalization took place countries got grouped in either first world, second world or third world country. First world countries are countries that are more developed and are capitalist and industrial countries that hold a big place in global trading. Third world countries are under developed and are usually poor and have little power in the global community. This

  • There Are Many Undeveloped Countries In The World, Many

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    There are many undeveloped countries in the world, many of which are struggling to become developed. They have many things at their disadvantage such as powerful companies creating monopolies in their country, developed countries outsourcing labor into these poor countries and paying very little, overpopulation, under education, poverty, and a strongly patriarchal society. Some countries may have one of these problems, a few, or many of them but it is still a factor prohibiting them from developing

  • Developing Countries During World War II

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    Introduction: Since World War II, trade between growing and manufacturing nations has strengthened and borrowing of poor countries from the rich countries has increased. The growing link between these two groups of economies increased eventually in addition to the increase in the rate of dependability amongst them. With the rapid growth in wealth and industrialization of the First World, only a few developing countries managed to have adequate economic growth on the line of the developed countries. Many of

  • The Cost Of The World War On Our Country

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    The cost of the World War on our country has been immense. The seemingly endless destruction has deeply disheartened the country. Now I say the country because daily I see its effects everywhere. As I drive from my modest townhouse in Harlow towards the borstal near Epping, the craters are still everywhere, reminders of the price of freedom. Daily, I see people walking the roads with a suitcase of all their belongings, searching for a new life in Harlow, escaping the ruins of London. Once I arrive