“Gender” and the Importance of “the Social Construction of Gender.”

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“Gender” and the Importance of “The Social Construction of Gender.”

Gender is an individual 's natural sense of themselves existing as a male or female, which may hold opposing views from their biological sex. I believe sex and gender are two terms used interchangeably. Sex implies the biological characteristics among females and males. Whereas gender implies the social qualities connected with being a female or male. As Lorber states, “I am arguing that bodies differ physiologically, but they are completely transformed by social practices to fit into the salient categories of a society, the most persuasive of which are’female’ and ‘male’ and ‘women’ and ‘men’.” (pg. 11) An emphasis on gender not only exposes knowledge about women and
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However, by labeling according to gender is another way of swaying members of a society and to encourage inequalities. There are recognizable biological and culture differences amid the two sexes but we cannot use these variances to reason our conclusions and deliver stereotyped ideas about gender. Another form of sexism is portrayed by damaging stereotypical interpretations in the direction of women. For instance, sexism ideas of women are concentrated on the beliefs that women are secondary to men due to insignificant ideas that one can hold again women.
One mark of gender socialization is the configuration of gender identity, which is one’s distinction of oneself as a man or woman. Gender identity molds how we judge others and ourselves which then impacts our actions. For instance, gender distinctions are present in the possibility of drug and alcohol abuse, violent atmospheres, and depression. Gender identity furthermore has an predominantly powerful effect on our emotions about our exterior reflection and our body image.
Broadminded feminists reason that gender inequality is applicable from past traditions that create obstacles to women’s development. It underlines individual moralities and equal opportunity as the foundation for social justice and reform. These feminists, alternatively, debate that the root of women’s oppression resides with the
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