1.2 Explain The Importance Of Special Skills

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In order to be healthy and have a good future children need special skills that their caregivers must help them learn. Being self-aware, able to overcome stress, be in command of your feelings and have a belief system are tools the child will use throughout their lifetime, therefore, the teachers must be able to communicate effectively with each other and the parents. After all, instructors in childcare settings guide the children to make smart choices that keep everyone in a state of wellness and safety. In order to help the kids grow mentally and socially, the caregiver needs to have these skills as well and use creative methods. These methods will teach the minors kindness, how to make smart decisions, be positive about themselves and use nice and proper language with others …show more content…

Distinguishing their strengths: Children need encouragement and positive words to know what they are doing is okay. Negative voices and thinking shows the caregiver does not like to be around them. Consequently, the child views him or herself as a failure and loses the longing to learn. The teachers must work with the minor to understand what the child is good at and hearten them to keep trying at what they are not. To include the parents and inspire them to pay attention to their child’s development and skills, the childcare provider can send their artwork and worksheets home every day, and let the guardian know the week’s lesson plan.
5. Being friendly: Kids see adults as their role models. Therefore, they do what you do and say what you say. When you show negative actions, say mean words or are constantly yelling, the young boy or girl thinks it is acceptable and will follow. Part of being a caregiver is remaining calm and kind even when the children are hitting your nerves. By doing this, you are revealing to the kids what you allow and do not allow in the center. The guardians further this along by praising the youngster after seeing how they act and also being proper role

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