1.What Recent, Current Or Impending Changes Are Influencing

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1. What recent, current or impending changes are influencing this child and family? (e.g. housing issues, protective services involvement, legal trouble, separation, new lover, income change, major illness, loss, moves, etc.)

Gustavo started Kindergarten this year, and he struggles academically, which is further exacerbated by difficulties with being able to stay focused during classroom activities. Gustavo is very sensitive to how he is viewed by others and this impacts how he views himself among peers, creating additional stress. At home, his mother struggles with helping him with homework given that she does not speak English and completed only five years of schooling in Mexico. When she does understand what he is required to do, she …show more content…

After Evan’s birth in 2003, her husband started to become physically abusive towards her, and after a few months, she decided to separate from him. As a single parent, Roberta become depressed and struggled to care for Evan, and decided to send him to her parents in Mexico to take care of him. Later, when she tried to bring him back, her parents refused, and it is was only six years later that he was brought back to United States.

3. Describe the child’s temperament, judgment, level of self-awareness, impulsivity, and learning/processing style. Is there a developmental disability? How do these influence the child’s behavior and the responses of caregivers, teachers and other involved professionals?

Gustavo started Kindergarten this year, and he struggles academically. In pre-school, it was detected that Gustavo was not retaining most of the educational material, and he received additional support. He currently has an IEP, and his teacher voiced concern that he is not progressing at the expected pace. In terms of behaviors in the classroom, the teacher reported that Gustavo is mostly compliant and responsive to expectations; however, he struggles with attention span and is fidgety. The teacher decided to assign him special seating closer to her, so she could redirect him.
4. Describe the boundaries within the family and between the family and their extended family members/community supports: Consider hierarchy, enmeshment, disengagement, triangulation

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