10 Most Unique Commercial Airports

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10 Most Unique Commercial Airports There are a lot of strange and unique airports and airstrips out there but not all of them are accessible to the general public. This is a list of a few strange airports that you and me can get a ticket and fly to, that is, if you have to nerves to fly to some of these unique feats of engineering. 1. Mataveri International Airport (IPC)
The Mataveri International Airport or Isla de Pascua Airport located on Rapa Nui (Easter Islands) is the most remote airport in the world. The nearest continental point lies 3512 kms (2182 miles) away in Central Chile in comparison that is more than the distance from New York to Mexico City (2090 miles) and the nearest inhabited point 2075 kms (1289 miles) away in Pitcairn Island. It has scheduled flights from Santiago, Chile (3759 kms) and is the main entry point for tourists who come to Easter Island to see the mysterious Moai Statues. The airport was once designated as an abort site for U.S Space shuttles. 2. Madeira International Airport (FNC)
Madeira International Airport which is also known as Funchal Airport is an international airport in the Portuguese island chain of the Madeira. The airport was once known for its very short runway which is surrounded by high mountains and the ocean making landing a dangerous task for even the most experienced of pilots. In 2000, Engineers were told to extended the runway, and they came up with an innovative solution which received the outstanding

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