12-02: A Short Story

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02:12-02:27: I’m not one for spitting in general. I know it’s big porn thing, but I’m not a fan. That being said I enjoy a sloppy slut just as much as the next guy. Something about a slut slobbering all over a cock, making her chin and sometimes chest glisten, and being unable to do anything about it since her hands can’t move is nice. It’s a good combination of aesthetically pleasing and degrading. 02:28-02:33: Even as he pulls away she keeps her mouth open as best she can. He doesn’t need to order her to keep it open because those breathy gasps keep it open for her. But now we’re getting consistent in the orders. Everything he tells her is a direct clear order and she’s following along well. She must be afraid of the flogger or whatever he’d come …show more content…

She get’s it just long enough before it gets pulled away. There’s an interesting dynamic going on here. She keeps her mouth open, but her tongue darts out and her eyes never leave his cock. She wants his cock in her mouth, she wants to feel I, taste it. What she’s not doing is looking up at him instead. She’s focusing on her mouth getting fucked, rather than the punishment aspect of it. Even when she’s in trouble, that sounds like a common order of priorities for a little …show more content…

First is the dungeon setting. I like the appeal of that for a punishment or for initial training. You live in a dingy little cell until you prove you deserve to be treated better. The chains are also interesting. They’re cold, and lack the little intimacy that rope provides. The position itself is also interesting. The chain that keeps her legs together also blocks her pussy from easy access. I’m sure it’s also a tough position to keep for very long, adding a little extra layer of torture. It’s not the best looking position, and since it’s impossible to get to her ass, I’m not a huge fan. But it was perfect for the

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