2.What Is Psychographics?. Psychographics Is The Study

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2.What is Psychographics?
Psychographics is the study of personality, values, opinions, attitude, lifestyle.
It can also be seen as an equivalent of the concept of "culture" when it is used for segmentation at a national level. Psychographics is commonly known as study of ‘lifestyle’ of consumers. It plays an important part in building consumer behaviour and helps in the promotion of those products and services which are related to items of personal care, fashion, automobiles, telephone services, alcoholic drinks, news papers, magazines, food products like milk, tea, coffee. In a country of the size of India where life style differs widely from region to region the study of consumer psychographic is of great significance to marketer.
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3. Psychographic Segmentation1
Segmentation is used mainly to target a certain group from within a population. Psychographic segmentation is one which uses peoples lifestyle, their activities, interests as well as opinions to define a market segment. Psychographic segmentation is quite similar to behavioral segmentation. But psychographic segmentation also takes the psychological aspects of consumer buying behavior into accounts. These psychological aspects may be consumers lifestyle, his social standing as well as his AIO.
3.1 Factors Affecting Psychographic segmentation
3.1.1 Lifestyle2 - It is a term proposed by Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler in 1992,which refers to the way an individual stays in the society. An individual with high status and image needs to live in a posh locality. There are various segments which have become popular in retail but one of the most popular segments is the lifestyle segment. Everyone has different clothing habits based on their lifestyle. The customer might be school going, college going, office going or other. Thus by lifestyle we mean, where does the customer stand in his life cycle. Similarly, the lifestyle of a rural area customer might be different from urban areas. That is how automobiles carry out promotions. More of below the line(BTL) promotions are carried out in rural areas where rugged automobiles are more in demand and above the line(ATL) promotions are carried out in urban

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