200 Meter Dashes Essay

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At the end of my rainbow is winning all the 100 and 200 meter dashes this track season. Last year I won all of my 100 meter dashes. I won a couple 200’s. The first time I ran the 200 I got 5th. By the end of the year I had dropped off four seconds. Now I want to win both of them at every single meet. I will reach the end of the rainbow by working hard every single day. I will go to practice and push myself. I will train outside of practice and before the season starts. I will keep my grades up so I can go to all the practices and meets. I may have some setbacks on my journey to the end of the rainbow. When the temperature is cold I do not breathe well. That will make it hard to train before the season starts. I will get tired of going hard every day at practice. I will just have to remember what is at the end of the rainbow.…show more content…
In track you can participate in four events. My other two events will hurt because I won't be able to spend as much time on them in practice. Some other events will help me because they have running in them. The long jump will hurt the most because I won't be able to work on my form very often. This sounds like I’m the only one this is helping but it's not. If I win both the 100 and 200 meter dash that is 20 points at the meet. Running those two races will help me in the third events because it is running also. I might get first in that event. That would be thirty points. Those points will go to the team at the meets. It will help us win meets. My pot of gold is benefiting my track
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