Process Essay: Why Track Is The Perfect Sport

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For anyone who is not in a sport-or is-and would like to join another, track is the perfect sport for all to get involved in. Extra-curricular activities are acceptive to anyone who is willing to join, although track in fact is the best. Here is why: there are several events for everybody to attempt. All of the training is spectacular exercise, which is great for one’s health. In addition, the competition is always fun to be a part of. After all, what could joining a club hurt? Track is a sport consisting of numerous competitive events for people to select from; there is one for everyone. For instance, hurdles is an event that has multiple different distances one can choose from ranging from sprints to distance. If running and jumping is a talent that is possessed, long jump is a great event. Relays are another event, where one group competes with other groups at long and short distance sprinting. Normally, relay teams consist of four man/women group and each individual runs one hundred meters or four-hundred meters. Also, if long-distance running is a dream that is held, along with enjoy running. There is an area for that consisting of one mile and two mile race distances. For those,…show more content…
Competition allows an athlete to set personal goals to become better. While seeing other people do the activities and/or events that others are participating in, one tends to notice different techniques being used, which will lead to try and can make improvements. Meets are located in various locations mostly in the school district. Although championships can be in the following areas: state, district, county, country and additional regions; so there is a lot of traveling. Traveling can also teach some geography skills to the athlete. Sportsmanship is a huge plus, having the abilities to show sportsmanship grow from going to competitions, which makes a well-rounded
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