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20th Century Nursing Advances Ashley G. Tamayao University of Saint Lo uis Abstract This report includes the formation of different organization on national and international level, and milestone of different country on how each of them adapt to nursing standards during 20th and 21st century. This report also shows how nursing education evolves through time and the changes occurred to improve the practice of nursing. This also describes models of different theorists of nursing they derived that mold the hands of nurses for a more capable and more holistic care towards patient. 20th Century Nursing Advances During the 20th century the world has embraced innovation and reform. Throughout history, the needs for change have been…show more content…
Despite the benefits of the apprenticeship model, it underwent criticism from nursing education leaders. Goldmark (1923) in particular emphasized that the training needs of the students and the service needs of hospitals were incongruent. She wrote that when: the needs of the sick must predominate; the needs of education must yield” (Goldmark, p. 195). To balance the academic needs of nursing students with their need for clinical experiences, Dr. Richard Olding Beard advocated for university education for nursing student. He contended that university education would eliminate the incongruence between hospital’s service needs and the educational needs of students.(Bollough & Bollough, 1984). Following Dr. Beard’s efforts, the National Leagues for Nursing Education (NLNE) made numerous attempts to redesign diploma nursing education programs. In 1917, 1919, 1927, and 1937 the NLNE published Standard Curriculum for Schools of Nursing. This report encouraged diploma programs to decrease student’s time working on the ward and to increase their education by offering 3 years of course work in the sciences and clinical experiences caring for diverse populations. The work of Beard, the NLNE, and other report on the state of nursing education did
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