3. 6 Vfire System Upgrade : IT Service Job Report

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3.6 vFire System Upgrade The biggest project that I worked on, both time wise and criticality, was the upgrade of the Enterprise Service Management ticketing system, vFire. The last time vFire was upgraded was over a year ago and the fact that the entire IT department here and at site are stakeholders for the change made me extra cautious when going through the planning and testing stages. The upgrade brought various improvements and features that were welcomed by most. The implementation occurred between the 25th and 28th of October which coincided with my Cadia trip, thus creating the need for the plan to be thorough enough so that anyone could pick up the plan and do the upgrade. This gave me some experience managing different workloads …show more content…

This will pave the way to several new things in the future such as sending alerts to targeted AD groups or laptop users. This project had been sitting on the shelf since 2008 and for a good reason, there were a couple blockers, although they were initially unidentified, that made the integration element of getting the data into vFire very time consuming. I was required to take advantage of all available resources, documentation, internet research, the Application Team who are the product owners of vFire, and lastly the vFire support team. The creation of the CMDB database was uncomplicated with some help from the team but the integration, which I tackled solo, was challenging. Compatibility issues, discrepancies between the development and production environments, different versions of vFire, incorrect configurations, stopped services are some of the things that I overcame to complete this project. However, having spent 2-3 months of my placement with vFire and CMDB I gained a deeper understanding of the functions, improved my independent learning skills and also gained the satisfaction of having a working system that you were responsible for. The CMDB implementation and the vFire upgrade where also a great introduction to the change process and something I will take into the future and benchmark with other organisations. 4. Career Direction Overall, my placement at Newcrest was fulfilling

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