3 Reasons Why I Shouldn T Wear Uniforms

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I'm against uniforms. here are 3 reasons why I think we shouldn't wear uniforms. 1. I think student should be able to express their self with your clothes. 2. Some students want to wear polo. 3. Nice shoes some kids might get some new shoes and want to show them and the shoes cost 150$ and they only get to wear them for the weekend.
Here is are all my reasons about my 3 reasons.
Expressing your self, When u wear damaged clothes and people talk about you u can wear uniforms to your school if u can wear regular clothes i'm sure you can wear uniforms. Polo outfits, I like wearing polo because its nice and its my kind of fashion, ans I would want to wear name brand things. New shoes, I like to wear Nike's, Jordan's, Ugg's, you can wear these shoes

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