3000 Ugli Oranges Are Available At Cardoza, And Two Big

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3000 Ugli oranges are available at Cardoza, and two big research companies want those oranges. Dr. J.W. Jones a biological research scientist and P.W. Roland, a research biologist, desperately need these oranges to resolve their individual problem. P.W. Roland is currently dealing with a leaking bomb which can cause brain damage and even death to many. J.W.Jones firm has an outbreak of Rudosen which is a disease attacking pregnant women and causing birth defects to their unborn child. Both parties desperately want these Ugli oranges as soon as possible and need to come up with a quick way to get these oranges for their firm. Cardoza decided to sell these oranges to the highest bidder. Both sides have been given a limit of $ 250000 to try …show more content…

Many lives are on the line; innocent babies can be killed. Agreeing on dividing the Ugli oranges so the community can be protected is the best choice(book).
To resolve the conflict, both parties should follow certain rules that will help make the conflict resolution process go smoothly. It is recommended that both sides used clear, concise languages. Both sides should take the time to listen to each other 's concern. The parties should not feel threatening by the situation or forced to do anything that they do not want to do. After the discussion, both parties should be able to leave the room content with the decision they agreed on(book).
They are many different ways to approach a conflict, Thomas kilmann develop five ways that a conflict can be resolved. One can resolve a conflict by competing in which the individual 's decision is based on personal gain. Someone who is competing will not care about others feelings. This person will do everything possible to win the conflict. They do not back down whatever the situation might be all they think about is winning the fight and make everything in their favors. The second way a person can resolve a conflict is by accommodating. Accommodating during a conflict involve using common sense to come up with a solution that would satisfy everybody. During accommodating one group usually, choose to lose to make the other team happy. Thirdly, a conflict can be resolved by avoiding. The word itself describes what happened

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