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Four factors that affect an organisations approach to talent Economic environment: whilst the economy is on a down turn and there are a large amount of unemployed the company may have more than normal candidates to choose from and the possibility of taking on employees at a higher level, however once the economy takes an upturn and the job market improves the employees may move on unless the company provides a competitive salary/benefits package or prospects for development. Benefits: a benefits package is added value to an employee, if flexibility is offered within the package, to reflect the age, family needs and life style of a candidate this will attract a wider range of applicants and help to retain existing employees.…show more content…
application forms, job descriptions etc, representatives from the Company such as Human resources and department managers speak directly to the potential candidates giving details of the company and vacancies available. Applications/CV’s, or details from the candidates are taken at the point of contact. Job centres: Job vacancies are advertised through the job centre at no cost. The company has a online account with the job centre details, of the vacancy are uploaded onto the online system the vacancy will then be advertised not only in the local job centre but also on line therefore the vacancy will have a wider geographical audience. Company website: the company advertises their vacancies on their own website with a job description etc. A section of the site is linked to the main page and the candidate completes a generic form for personal details this is then linked to the application form or a link to upload a CV. It can also be linked to a company’s online recruitment system. Selection methods Structured Interview: Is developed from the traditional interview process, rather than asking questions based on the candidate’s application form questions are asked to allow the candidate to demonstrate certain competencies for example, “can you tell us about a situation when you updated a process and why?” The same questions and standardised score sheet are used for each applicant therefore

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