3m Optical Systems

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3M Optical Systems: Case Brief

As Andy Wong, how would you handle the authorization for expenditure for the re-launch of the privacy screen? As Andy Wong, I would take the proposal to one of my senior-level mentors for support. The OS unit has already tried and failed three times with the microlouvered filter and high level support would benefit both Wong and Guehler in this case. If Guehler sees that other areas of 3M are in support of the authorization for expenditure, then he will not have to be concerned about the OS unit’s credibility – this gives Wong a significant plus. If, however, Wong is unable to garner the support from his mentors in order to give this AFE the standing it needs, I would not recommend backing the
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The only dependable thing about OS at the time that Wong is requesting an expenditure of $750k, is that it is, “A group unable to fulfill its promises.” (Bartlett & Mohammad, 1994)
How effective has Wong been as a front line manager in the 3M context? How effective has Guehler been as a 3M division president? Wong has not been very effective as a front line manager. One of his primary roles should be product championing. He must garner support throughout the organization, particularly at different levels of management, in order for his unit to have the buy-in required for continued support. Despite his utilization of bootlegging and scavenging efforts, at least in the third and final version of their privacy screen, he has not been able to reassure middle-management, namely Guehler. It was Wong’s responsibility to provide Guehler with a basis for claiming support for the OS projects. Clearly, such support has not been acquired. Further, it is required of Wong, who acts as the venture manager, to participate in strategic forcing, “Attaining a significant sales volume and market share position within a limited time horizon.” (Burgelman, 1986) It could easily be said that the limited time frame OS had expired with the second attempt.
Guehler has not been very effective as a 3M division president. He has
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