7)How To Fight Dental Caries. •Eat A Balanced Diet And

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7) How to fight dental caries
• eat a balanced diet and limit inbetween-meal snacks.
• brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste
• spit toothpaste out instead of rinsing
• use mouthwash separately during the day, not after brushing
• floss daily
• visit your dentist regularly
• drink soft drinks in moderation
• drink of water after a sugary or acidic drink to help rinse out mouth
• after drinking sugary beverages, don 't brush teeth right away, but wait for hour to let teeth recover from acid attack
• do not sip a sugary or acidic drink slowly, because you expose your teeth to acid attacks for longer period of the time in this way
• never drink sugary or acidic drinks before you go to bed

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• Cut down on frequency in sugary foods and drinks (it’s better to have large amount of sweets once a day rather than small amounts few times a day)
• Visit dentist as regularly, as recommended.
This is the message proclaim for 40 years by National Smile Month, UK’s largest and longest running oral health campaign. It’s address to anyone who is interesting in good oral health. National Smile Month co-operate with schools, health professionals, colleges, pharmacies, community groups or workplaces to raise awareness and interest in healthy eating habits and good oral hygiene with smile and lots of fun along the way. Running usually between 18 May and 18 June.
Target audience- anyone who is interesting in good oral hygiene and groups more prone to snack on the sweets like kids.

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