8th Grade Exam Questions

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5.) A. My thoughts on everyone bringing a sample dish for our final is that I think it's a good idea, because it's a way for us to learn, and have fun. We can all learn about what kinds of foods our peers enjoy.
B. For our final exam I think we should all do one last Socratic Seminar, but on a topic our whole class can agree on.

6.) A. The biggest challenge for me trying to conform from paper style exams to computer exams is that I rush through because I know I'm being timed, so I don't take my time and thoroughly answer the questions.
B. There is nothing else I would like to see before state testing, I think I'm ready for state testing.

7.) A. The skills in English I feel strong in are annotating, UNRAAVEL, the ACE stratgey, and talking myself into an answer. …show more content…

The skills I struggle in are taking my time and going into detail in my writing, also knowing the different types of figurative language.

8. A. My thoughts on making "movie trailers" for the 7th graders so they know what to expect next year is that it is a terrific idea. Because it gives them a clue as to what they need to prepare their selves for. If I had the opportunity last year to see a preview from the last 8th graders, I'm sure I would have done way better in the activities we performed in class based on the books we read, such as comparing and contrasting the books and movies we read/watched.
B. I would like for us to make "movie trailers" be a part of our final exam because it sounds like a fun activity, and it would really help the 7th graders out.

9.) My favorite things we did in class this nine weeks was making a food tray by pulling figurative language from a song of our choice. Also all the Socratic Seminars we participated in during Black History Month, I found Black History Month a very interesting topic. I would like to see more Socratic Seminars and also the chance to do another activity on figurative

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