9-Iron Country Club Business Analysis

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The 9-Iron Country Club is trying to implement a remote access program for their employees to access their work from home. The 9-Iron Country Club provides services for more than 1,200 members and employs around 75 staff. During the winter months, outdoor operations are ceased and preparation for the upcoming seasons begins. The addition of a remote access option will give the staff the ability to securely work from home and provide continued support. The 9-Iron Country Club has hired an information consultant to prepare the network and provide recommendations for the remote access solution. The purposed solution is using Terminal Access Controller Access-Control System Plus (TACACS+) to provide a secure remote connection for all employees. This report will review TACACS+ implementation, risk involved, and data classification. TACACS+ was developed by CISCO is the new open standard for remote access and uses the authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) architecture. TACACS+ provides a quick and easy merging with the current network. The implementation of TACACS+ will provide the employees of The 9-Iron Country Club with everything they have requested. TACACS+ will continue to provide the needed remote access solution with its updateability for many years to come. …show more content…

With today’s technology, security has become the center point of most strives in technology. The security that TACACS+ will provide helps outweigh the risk of implementing remote access. Through dedicated logging and monitoring, TACACS+ is a very secure protocol that provides continuing support. The 9-Iron Country Club must train all employees who will be using remote access to mitigate risk of breach. The training provide will include an acceptable use policy, account protection measures, secure log-in procedures, and awareness

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