908 English Reflection Paper

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Nguyen 3 Tien Nguyen
908 English
Mr. Lang
Reflective Paper
As I have enrolled in the English 908 class for almost 3 months, I learn numerous methods which can help me to write better for essays in the future. From the beginning of the class, I really hated writing essays due to I did not know how to start writing the introduction. Moreover, I did not know how to make all the sentences connect to others which make the essays unappealing to the readers. Another problem that prevents me from writing is finding the interesting ideas to put in the essays. Especially, when my professor required me to write on the topics which I was not interested in, I just did not know how to begin writing on those topics and how to organize them. Moreover, I made quite often of the grammar errors such as comma splices, subject-verb agreements, as well as …show more content…

I was not able to figure out why they were incorrect and did not know how to fix them. Therefore, I disliked writing completely. However, by the end of the course, I have learned multiple methods such as using free writing, doing the research papers, using noodles tools, as well as analyzing all the grammar errors to write the essays better which make me really excited in writing.
At the beginning of the class, organizing the essays was really difficult to me because I did not know which sentences need to be first, and which sentences need to be second. Making the sentences connect to others was completely complicating to me. However, Mr. Lang, who is my professor in the English 908 class, told me that I should do free writing because it is a method which can help me organize the essays better. Making an outline and

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