A Bachelor of Commerce

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Development assignment TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction- field of study (PAGE 1) 2. Purpose and key functions (PAGE 2) 3. Characteristics of employees in this field (PAGE 3) 4. Top Companies in this field (PAGE 4 AND 5) 5. Current trends in the industry (PAGE 6) 6. Career opportunities in this field (PAGE 7) 7. Conclusion (PAGE 8) 8. References (PAGE 9 AND 10) 1. INTRODUCTION- FIELD OF STUDY The field of study being discussed in this assignment is a Bachelor of Commerce (Bcom). A Bachelor of Commerce according to the Oxford English Dictionary is the study of an undergraduate degree in commerce or related subjects. The Bachelor of Commerce provides students with the necessary and important managerial skills while at the same time building their knowledge in the world of business. There are many areas of studying as well as a variety of majors that can be taken in this field of study, namely, Accounting, Finance, Marketing Law and Economics. 2. PURPOSE AND KEY FUNCTIONS The key functions and purposes of a BCom degree will be explained as follows. In the public and private sectors of the economy, managerial experience is highly valued and can boost careers within the management specialty and is supported and recognized by a degree qualification. Many experienced people in sectors such as engineering, health services and education choose to reinforce their existing
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