A Better Understanding Of Diabetes And How Kids Are Dealing And Coping With It

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During the week that we spend at camp I hope that I will have a better understanding of Diabetes and how kids are dealing and coping with it. Sometimes we forget that when an illness happens in adults it is totally different on how it affects children so sometimes kids get ignored more often. So I hope this week will give me a better insight into what it is like for a child with diabetes day to day. My fear going into this week is that I won’t be able to tell when a kid is having a low blood sugar or a high one. I know what signs to look out for but I don’t have a lot of experience with this in kids. Kids are different on they present than adults so the fear is not recognizing it fast enough to get help for the child. What I think that I will contribute to the camp team is that I will be able to help with recognizing signs more quickly of hypo and hyperglycemia even though I still need some work. I think this will be beneficial because there may be members of the team that are less experienced so having someone that has at least seen this once will help. The previous experience that I have had with medically fragile children is going to CCK for a weekend during diabetes weekend and seeing a glimpse of children with this disease. I got to interact with the kids and play with them as if they had nothing wrong with them. The kids that were there were amazing to see on how they were coping with the disease versus their parents. Also what else was neat to see is how…
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