A Brief Biography of Walt Disney

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Walt Disney was more than just the creator of the Disney Company. Walt Disney made theme parks, animations, screenplays, and other businesses. He was a very influential icon in the 1900’s for his works that impacted all walks of life. He had a 64 year life full of glory but eventually he died from chain smoking complications. (He was never seen smoking in public though.) Walt Disney was one of the most influential entertainers in the 1900’s for his numerous awards, his work in popularizing animation, and his use of propaganda to attract all age groups. Walt Disney has a timeless appeal, which is what makes him so influential throughout the 1900's and beyond.
Walt Disney was born on December 1st, 1901, in Chicago. His family was not very into education so Disney wasn't educated formally until he was ten. His first job was delivering newspapers with his brother. As a teenager, he had visions to follow in his family's footsteps and join the army. He got rejected from the army so he decided to join the Red Cross. After serving for a year, he moved to Kansas in order to start his artistic career. He wanted to be an actor at first, but he decided that he would enjoy drawing comics much more. Disney then created his laugh-o-gram studio, and his life took off from there. Walt Disney was successful, and he had more than just money to show for it. He is the most decorated academy award winner ever. His first award is best short which he won for his animation of Mickey Mouse. Most of

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