A Brief Look at Psychoanalysis

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The normal psychology is the subject's ability to survive independently, to play a positive social role, to maintain itself, to have the discernment, and to be free. All these features are in our conception a way of socialization. Many scientists say that the progress of society has increased the complexity and the risk of social development, and it is obvious that the human personality cannot remain completely independent and that it always finds a sociocultural context or at least influential cause of social madness. Solving this dilemma is based on clarifying the notion of normal and pathological, both socially and individually. The psychoanalysis has gone through a lot of stress, challenge, strife, and divisions, but is seen regaining vitality and dignity through multiple theories which play an important role in social psychoanalysis by trying to apply the methods of individual psychoanalysis and knowledge to a complex of social neurosis. The most important representatives of this theory: are Herbert Marcuse, Harry Sullivan, Erich Fromm, and the great American psychologists Karen Horney, who brings a great contribution to psychology by initiating and animating the social psychoanalysis by using a philosophy based on growth oriented ideas, life and freedom. Karen Horney was born in 1885 in Hamburg, Germany from a Norwegian father, who was captain, and a Danish mother. She studies in Berlin at a German psychoanalytic institute, led by Karl Abraham. Here she met her

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