A Brief Look at Richard LaGrevenese

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A Big Apple native born October 30, 1959, LaGravense grew up in Brooklyn and studied acting at New York University’s experimental theater department at the Tisch School of Arts. As a student, he explored his skills with dialogue and formed a New York based comedy group, for which he also wrote sketches. His sketch material led to an offer by former Saturday Night Live writer Neil Levy, to co-write the script for the 1989 release, Rude Awakening. He wrote (and sold) his first piece of writing for the off Broadway musical revue, My Name is Alice directed by Joan Michlin Silver. Mr. LaGravenese began his solo screenwriting career with his original screenplay The Fisher King, directed by Terry Gilliam. The film went on to earn five Academy Award nominations, including Best Screenplay, winning Best Supporting Actress for Mercedes Ruehl. Mr. LaGravenese directed his original screenplay for the critically acclaimed Living Out Loud starring Danny DeVito, Holly Hunter and Queen Latifah. He joined other directors for the omnibus Paris J'taime with stars Fanny Ardent and Bob Hoskins. In 1995, LaGravenese gained additional acclaim with his screenplays for his popular adaptation of Frances Hodgson Burnett's A Little Princess. Set during World War I, this film focuses on a young girl who is demoted to a life of servitude in a New York City boarding school by the headmistress after receiving news that her father was killed in combat. Loosely based upon the novel A Little Princess, this

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