A Brief Note On Hansen Mechanical Contractors ( Hmc )

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Hansen Mechanical Contractors (HMC) is a large construction company who has changed the way sick time and personal time off (PTO) is paid and taken. In past years (up until 2013) sick time was only able to be taken in the calendar year and if not taken would be lost. Each employee was given seven sick days per year. Sick time could not be rolled over or cashed out at the end of the year. HMC decided starting January 1, 2014 that they would change this policy in hopes of giving their employees an incentive to not use sick time and take less days off per year. Sick time was changed to PTO time and they were given seven PTO days per year. The change to PTO time gave the employees the incentive to not use their PTO time and to instead be paid 50 cents on the dollar for time not used at the end of the year. This business situation should be addressed to see the impact that this change has had on the company and to see if the company’s goals with the new policy are being achieved. Part B1: Summary of Data The data collected to do this analysis is the employee’s attendance records by year (2013, 2014, 2015) from the imaging system. The attendance records are a record of how much sick and PTO time was taken for the entire year. The amount of time taken is then entered into a table by employee. There are 33 employees who will be entered into the table by year. The accounting system also holds this data which I used to double check the numbers against the attendance

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