A Brief Note On Privacy And Information Technology

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Nikolay Solovyev Privacy in Information technology. Throughout this this class and our previous class we learned about ethics and information technology. Well privacy plays a big part in information technology. How it should be done, how some should act, and what is right and what is wrong. Before jumping into the topic, I think it is beneficial to define some of main term. “Privacy is the right to be left alone and free from surveillance and unreasonable personal intrusion. On the other hand Information privacy is the right to determine when and to what extent information about oneself can be communicated to others.” Some of the topics that could potentially regulate privacy are: healthcare, criminal justice, finances,…show more content…
If the doctor has to refer his patient to a specialized doctor, instead of sending a written letter, he does it through the web, to expedite the process. Doctor can possibly use the web to clarify and reveal accurate information to his patient. But, with all this comes patient privacy and security; if everything is available on the web, then pretty much any individual has access to it that is why it is important to properly secure and protect all of the information, so it does not get in the wrong hand. Properly maintaining and securing patient record is required by law. If it is not done correctly, or information gets leaked, organization might get fined and/or suspended until they fix the problem. Also if patient records have been broken into, or any information has been stolen, organization supposed to report it right away. Criminal justice – People get arrested every day, whether it is a small or big crime, it always stays on the system. Unless you are part of the law enforcement or a potential employer who is trying to hire a brand new employer, you do not need to know if the person has any prior record. There are caveats like: if you are child molester then you should be registered as an offender, so people in the neighborhood are aware and keep a close look out for their children, beside that a basic person should not have a reason to view your criminal record. That is why it is important to

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