A Brief Note On Social Media And Ethics

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Social Media and Ethics Social media is the immense way in which millennials communicate with their peers in all aspects of life, including their occupations. Being a part of the millennial generation, I am continually being “tagged”, “snapped”, or “followed.” All aspects of my life are somehow shared on one source of social media or another. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are among the various types of social media available, but happen to be the three types that I spend the majority of my time. Working on the burn unit as a care partner and now, being a student nurse at Bon Secours puts me in a position where it would be extremely easy to post, tag, or share something that contains confidential patient information. All of the people …show more content…

D. 2015). “However, according to the Safe Harbor Method of De-Identification, 18 identifiers must be removed for the patient information to be safe” (Henderson, M., & Dahnke, M. D. 2015). This type of posting on Facebook is unethical and can potentially harm a patient in many different ways. If a patient is identified on social media, the risk of embarrassment and other emotional pain is very real (Henderson, M., & Dahnke, M. D. 2015). The use of social media can likewise be a highly operational instrument that allows for professional connections (Spector, N., PhD, RN, & Kappel, D. M., MA. 2012, September 30). Facebook has an option to create groups where you choose the people who are a part of the group; they can be public or private. I am a part of a private group both for school and work. This serves as a positive place where we share what is going on as well as when meetings and deadlines are. Nurses who use social networking to communicate both personally and professionally with other nurses can positively use social media in a responsible manner that promotes friendly interface with other professionals (Spector, N., PhD, RN, & Kappel, D. M., MA. 2012, September 30). There are positive effects to having a Facebook account as long as it is used appropriately and without posting confidential patient information. Instagram Instagram is additionally familiar; it is

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