A Brief Note On System And Sub Systems

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System and Sub-Systems One system I am involved with at the Special Programming for Achievement Network (S.P.A.N.) is the clients. One client in particular is a 15-year-old Caucasian male. The first system the client is connected with is the S.P.A.N. program. The main system of the student while he’s at the agency is the team coordinator/team leader, who is an adult or middle age African-American male. Another sub-system of the client is the two counselors/behavior coordinators. This student’s assigned behavior coordinator is a middle age African-American female. The other behavior coordinator is a 30-year-old Caucasian male. The next sub-system the client is involved with is his teachers. The student has a middle age Russian English…show more content…
Problems/Issues The client is involvement with the juvenile court. The client lied, smarted off, misbehaved, and rebelled to the point that he was kicked out of school, and ultimately placed in the juvenile court system. Another area of concern is the client’s grades because of the client’s behavior it has put him behind in his academic work. Another concern is the client has no stability. He is constantly being moved around between his mother and grandmother because of the choices his mother makes. His family recently lost their home, which involved more moving around. Because the client has no stability, this probably contributed to the lack of personal hygiene. When the client was asked why he was placed in the agency, he said “my teachers at my last school didn’t like me.” After the client mentioned, him and his family was homeless, he then said “that’s just life I guess.” The client’s mother claims to have no indication were the source of all their problems are coming from, but the client gets a decent check every month and it all goes to the mother. The client’s check is big enough to cover a rent payment and other minor bills, but the client doesn’t see any of the money. If the client stop’s lying, misbehaving, and smarting off, then he can stay out of trouble. The client must also learn to take responsibility for his own actions. Area of Growth The problem the student intern and staff work on with the client is his behavior. The client’s
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