A Brief Note On The Rock Island Arsenal

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In an organization as large as the United States Army, it is critical that managers at every level are able to effectively perform their duties and maintain the chain of command. Throughout the semester we have learned about how a manager needs to be able to adapt and how the responsibilities of a manager might change depending on the culture and structure of a company. What interested me the most about Mr. Dearborn’s position within the civilian sector of the Army was how he was able to manage both small and large groups of employees simultaneously, both encompassing vast ranges of personality types and work styles, maintaining responsibility of both immediate employee actions and contributing to the larger more global direction of the civilian sector of the Army. The Rock Island Arsenal is located in Illinois on the Mississippi river in between the cities of Davenport, Iowa and Rock Island, Illinois. As the largest weapons manufacturing arsenal in the United States it serves a variety of purposes aside from manufacturing weapons. These purposes include aiding in military logistics, and providing base support. The scope of the Rock Island Arsenal’s involvement in military affairs extends beyond the US Army, it receives contracts from all branches of the United States armed forces and it’s allies ("Rock Island Arsenal, IL."). Since it’s establishment in 1862 it has provided vital intelligence to all branches of the military and has largely impacted our nations defense

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