A Brief Note On Unfair Taxing Of Food

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Unfair Taxing of Food Miraaj Pirali Houston Baptist University Food is a necessity. People must eat to stay alive. However, what people eat is completely up to them. There are people that prefer to eat healthy and stay fit, and then there are those that that prefer an unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle. Those that lead an unhealthy lifestyle tend to eat foods high in fats, sugars, and unhealthy chemicals. Foods such as these cause obesity and other health related problems. There are many ideas that have been thrown out to keep people from eating unhealthy. One of these ideas is; to encourage healthy eating, higher taxes should be imposed on soft drinks and junk food. While looking at the bigger picture, one will realize that this …show more content…

This may be true, however, one should consider the fact that the low income families cannot afford to buy any other healthy alternatives either. Consequently, this puts low income families in a hole. They could not afford healthy alternatives to begin with and now they cannot afford junk food and soft drinks either. Raising taxes on junk food and soft drinks may also leave low-income consumers with insufficient fronds to purchase other basic necessities (Pratt, 2013). Raising taxes on food is not only heartless; it is also unethical because they are being deprived of an essential need. (Frank et al. 2013) Taxing junk foods and soft drinks affects more than just the people buying them; it also affects the companies selling them. Increasing the price of unhealthy foods is likely to reduce overall consumption (Badilas, 2011). There are many different companies that are responsible for producing junk food and soft drinks. If taxes are raised for all junk foods and soft drinks, then there is a high probability that the public will stop buying certain items. If this does happen, then that specific item people stop buying can cause the company producing it to go out of business. This could be multiple companies or just one. Whether if it’s one or multiple companies going out of business, there certainly is an issue here. This will definitely cause an

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