A Case Of A Horrific Disaster

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In case of a horrific disaster you’re always supposed to have a plan of action, and in case it doesn’t work you’re in need of a backup plan. For example, pretend as if a zombie apocalypse has occurred and we are playing the role of the policemen and firemen in the community that has just been attacked by the infected. Our job is to ensure that the women, men, and children are safe. However in order to protect the city we need to evacuate the people, communicate to the survivors we were left behind, find a means of transporting the citizens to safe locations, and shelter the ones who no longer have a home or a safe place to live temporarily.

Our first step is to evacuate the citizens before they are attacked by the infected, but we must …show more content…

We will visit as many houses, facilities, and many other buildings to locate everyone. The police department will be in charge of making sure everyone exits the building safely, to check people for infection, and to direct the non-effected to the nearest escape route. Before we leave we will instruct the citizens to pack lightly with essentials such as food, bottled water, and first aid kits. Also, we want to take the highest safety precautions when dealing with infected because we do not want any other to become infected so masks will be handed out for airborne diseases.

To continue the evacuation process the police department will direct and lead the citizens that will travel on foot. With traveling on foot heavy firearms will be handled by the police in order to protect the citizens in case of an attack. With the firearms, some of the first aid kits and food rations will travel with those on foot in order to prevent as many stops or delays in time. To travel as quickly, effectively, and no casualties is the main goal. A scouting party will be above in a helicopter to see any infected that might have slipped our previous scouting.

Along with the police department, the fire department will transport anyone with special needs, disabilities, and basically anyone who cannot walk distances to the safe locations. In transporting these citizens: cars, buses, RVs, ATVs, and any other type of mobile

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