A Case Study Of A Male Client Essay

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The following is a case study of a male client, Jacob Terwilliger (Jake), suffering from a mood disorder, unspecified depressive disorder. Depressive disorder categorized unspecified is the experiencing of depressive symptoms without being able to completely fit the description of a specified depressive disorder. Individuals are usually diagnosed with the unspecified depressive disorder when the clinician does not specifically state the reasons why the individual does not meet the full criteria for a depressive disorder (LeMoult & Gotlib, 2014). The client was diagnosed and assessed with the goal of determining the distressful factors in their life. However, through psychotherapy, specifically talk therapy, this client illustrates a successful recovery. Patient Jake, overweight and ungroomed, is a nineteen-year-old male from a low socioeconomic environment. He is a calm man who loves baseball and tries to stay away from drama. He hopes to lose weight, and hopes to one day, have his own stable life with his own essential necessities (i.e., car, residence, and job.) At the age of thirteen, Jake 's father, who is a recovering alcoholic, had an affair with another woman, which he had a child with and left Jake’s mother. This left Jake’s mother alone to raise Jake and his younger brother. Jake was the oldest of the two brothers. After his father left, Jake felt obligated as a man of the house and the only male role model, to financially support his family. These difficult times
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