A Case Study of Tesco

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What Is the Role and Influence of Relationship Marketing in the Retention and Acquisition of Customers? - A Case Study of Tesco

Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1 Aims and Objectives 1.2 Research Questions 1.3 Background and rationale of the research 1.4 Expected Research Methodology 1.5 Scope and Importance of the Research 1.6 Summary of Chapter Chapter 3 Research Methodology 3.1 Hypothesis 3.1.1 Techniques used for Research 3.1.2 Research Philosophies 3.1.3 Research Approaches 3.1.4 Types of Research Methods 3.1.5 Primary Data 3.1.6 Secondary Data 3.1.7 Pros of Primary Data 3.1.8 Comparison of Primary and Secondary Data 3.2 Chosen Research Approach 3.2.1 Strategy for Research 3.2.2 Research Design 3.2.3 Data Collection
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There is no other option to maximize profit without customers. Thus to determine these aspects of customer and seller relationship this thesis will try to focus on the case study of Tesco and survey their customers relationship management.
1.1 Aims and Objectives
Customer relationship marketing is a new concept to the present business world and has been proven one of the best approaches in customer retention. However, this concept has taken the top place among the business professionals who really wish to establish their product in the market. The present study intended to excavate into this concept and see how really it works specially the impact of customer relationship and finally evaluate the profitable customer relationship. It is expected that a proper explanation of these aims will help build a better understanding in the end.

The research objectives defined for this thesis are: 1. To measure and examine significantly the features of relationship marketing installed at Tesco. 2. To investigate the impact of customer relationship marketing on customer retention at Tesco. 3. To explore the concept in marketing especially in retention and acquisition of customers. 4. To investigate the major elements of the relationship marketing which eventually affect the process of customer acquisition and retention.
1.2 Research Questions
Research questions are very crucial for conducting a study on a particular field. The research questions which have been

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