Development and Advancement of Kudler Fine Foods

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Kudler Fine Foods commonly known as kudler’s is a well-known San Diego area epicurean food store with high sales. Early plans for strategic development and growth involved expansion of the business and entry in internet sales. Presently, the company has transformed into a virtue company where most of its transactions take place online. Kudler’s can be described as a 21st century company due to its increased involvement in online transactions.
Kudler Fine Foods benefits from market research in many ways; to star with the market research helps the company keep up with current market trends. Market research provides Kudler Fine Foods with a competitive advantage making them able to learn about the customer needs and requirements. Irrespective of whether the company is, starting a new branch or expanding an existing one, market research plays an immense role in ensuring that the company is able to understand sales in the market. Through market research, Kudler Fine Foods is able to identify prospective clients (Cohen, 1995). The identification of prospective clients starts by the company asking itself the following questions; who will be the users of their commodities, what is their age, what are their economic and educational status, among other factors that determine the production of the commodity.
Development of good customer relations is vital for the survival of any given company. Marketing research serves as an indicator of the level of current costumer relation,

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