A Challenging Learning Experience

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A challenging experience in the classroom: Strategies One of the most challenging experiences for any teacher is dealing with a mixed-level classroom. A class I taught had a very wide range of abilities, spanning from highly academically competent students to students still struggling with the English language. There were also students with learning disabilities within the classroom, some of which had formal diagnoses, others of which were not diagnosed but whom I strongly suspected of having learning challenges. I was forced to ensure that all students had meaningful educational experiences and performed to the highest level of their capabilities. I found 'team learning' techniques to be extremely effective. I would group students of different ability levels and different learning styles into the same 'team,' and give assignments that drew upon all the students' strengths. For example, as well as give oral presentations (which suited the confident students who liked to speak in front of the classroom), I also required the students to create pictures to illustrate their assignment. This gave the ESL students a chance to make a full contribution to the project, along with their more fluent co-learners. At other times, students of different ability levels were paired up on-on-one and asked to 'teach one another,' which gave more competent students greater mastery of the subject matter and an additional skill set of 'teaching,' while still enabled the weaker students to
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