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Engineering is frustrating. It consumes so much of my energy that I cannot carve a smile on my face anymore. I am so tired. I feel like it is 10000000000000000 miles to walk from Sweeney to the East Hall. However, whenever I first step into the class, the first thing I will look for is what hat is going to be on Mr. Driscoll’s head. There are all cute and smart hats! I laugh every single time I look at his funny hats. Oh, I have a tagline for this class! A hat a day, keeps the stress away. Ah, I am going to miss his hats, I swear.
Time flies so fast. Spring is about coming to the end. I am definitely not the same person today as I was yesterday. Everything has changed; hopefully in a good way. Yes, I make mistakes, I reflect, and I become wiser at the end. In this essay, I am going to write some reflections that drive me to become a better writer.
During the process of drafting a paper, one of the things I have in mind is my audience. In order to write a good paper, it is crucial to consider the audience so you can identify how you are going to write it. For example, if you are going to write letter to your brother, it will sound weird if you use formal language. Same goes if you are writing to the Obama; it will definitely sound weird if you greet him like, how is it going, bro? It is way too informal and you cannot do this if you are writing to your leader. What I am trying to say here is it is your audience that will determine the style of your writing.
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